To celebrate Ash’s 22nd birthday, we had a shindig at his house!
And to celebrate, I made a bunch of food, we cooked up some BBQ, and I embarked on a quest to make a delicious chocolate cake! Not just any chocolate cake, but a quadruple mousse-filled chocolate cake!

Following Pastrypal’s recipe here, I took some time off work and started baking.



Excuse my messy piping skills… but I did my best to make the cake look nice!
I am proud to say that there were a few people at the party who did think it was store bought – at least all my hard work paid off (it took 2 days, as the mousse had to chill overnight!)



I think this might have been the first time I actually diligently followed every step of the recipe, and even bought every ingredient (or at least the Australian equivalent… I’m lookin’ at you corn syrup). It was definitely not what I’m used to doing, but hey(!), it was probably the best cake I have and will ever make!

Anyway, so what is in this delicious-looking cake, you might ask?

Top to bottom: Chocolate sauce, Milk Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Cake


It’s definitely a decadent cake and not something I would recommend that you eat everyday, but it was definitely a winner in Ash’s books (and mine mmm).

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