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Hello everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable Valentines Day ♥
Please tell me all the wonderful goss and details of what you did and what you wore! I thankfully had a lot of options for Valentines Day outfits, one being this lovely dress that Cherry from Rose WholeSale sent me recently.

Whilst I didn’t actually wear it for Valentines, I did wear it to the boyfriend’s birthday dinner last week! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any photos of my outfit from that night since I felt a bit mean asking him to take photos  of me on his birthday(!!!) so I had to retake them on one of my off days. It’s obviously more of a night dress but you get the point!

When I first saw this dress listed as only $12.40, I was a bit sceptical – I mean, sure, dresses can be cheap but that usually means they aren’t that amazing either haha. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dress was better than I was expecting! The material is quite thick, with small, pretty lace detailing on the shoulders and neckline.  I really enjoy the little slit on the side, as it gives it a nice asymmetrical look. Pretty perfect for an nice dinner out in my opinion ;)

Unfortunately, this particularly dress is a one size only (which I prayed very hard that I would hopefully fit in to)
Thankfully, I did. I know I’m not a skinny model, so please ignore my rolls and lumps :P I also found it slightly too short, and hence had a little bit of problem with it riding up. Note: It also has no support for your boobs, so wear a good bra and hollywood tape to keep them in place hahaha. Otherwise, you’ll constantly adjusting them to sit decently on yourself.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the dress turned out for it’s price and I’m glad to add this to my wardrobe!
Rose WholeSale is pretty jampacked filled with clothing (men’s too!), accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags etc. In fact, I’m fairly sure I spent a few nights trawling through each of their pages to find something I was after! So I definitely recommend going through the site if you’re after some new clothes that won’t cost you a fortune! ♥

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