Birthday Paintings

For those who follow me on instagram/twitter, you would know that Ash’s birthday just passed ♥
As I am a crazy girlfriend that loves spoiling her loved ones, I kind of went all out for Ashley’s birthday this year. To make me seem less insane, his presents were a combination of his birthday, valentines and our one year anniversary which is next month ♥ ! So, last year when it was his birthday, we weren’t dating but he was a bffl, I drew these two very small pictures for him. And whilst I’m quite happy with how the batman turned out, I was incredibly disappointed with the deadpool (mainly because I didn’t know anything about him) ..and they were both just laminated paper.

Please ignore his dishelved look as this was 12.30am in the morning after a long day!

This year, I really really wanted to give him better artworks of his favourite comic characters that he could display.
So, I became super ambitious and decided to buy canvas to paint on for the first time(!) And painting isn’t something I actually do, I’m more used to pencils and paper. In fact, the last time I properly painted a picture would be …the drawings I gave him last year (and that was also the first time I did that …) SO, SECOND TIME PAINTING EVER AND FIRST TIME EVER USING CANVAS. I totally should have practised much earlier on, yeah?

Nup. I started these paintings 2 weeks prior and only bought the materials for exactly 3 paintings lol ;A;
Anyway, here are my progress photos that I took of each of the three paintings. You can scroll over each image to see a more detailed explanation of my actual progress of each of these paintings.

And ta~da! The wonderful, completed trio sitting side by side that I am so proud of.
There are of course plenty of things that I would’ve done differently if I had the time, but I was so happy to be finished on time and to have them turn out better than I expected it would!! *Collapse in a puddle of goo

So, when he was opening his presents, I made him open up the paintings last.
The look on his face when he realised there was three paintings was absolutely priceless ♥

You can not believe me enough when I say that I’m glad that his birthday is done and dusted.
I was so exhausted from planning his presents, organizing dinner, and cooking/preparing for his party that I actually got a bit sick the day after his party woops. But that’s a blog post for another day!  Now I can just sit back, relax and enjoy whatever he’s got planned for the upcoming Valentines and our One Year Anniversary ! ♥ Woohoo!

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