Hello 2014!

Woooo~! Happy New Year! May 2014 be an amazing year for all of us ♥
Apart from that, Melludee is now FOUR YEARS OLD as of the 01.01.2014! I can’t believe I have been writing on here for so long now, and that some of you are still here reading my silly ramblings <3  So thank you all for being so amazing!

Image Credits to Missionizhar (Click on photo)

My last day of  2013 was pretty damn eventful.
I started off the day by surprising the boyfriend by driving over. After nagging at him to get dressed out of his PJs, we headed off to eat some gyros for lunch (our last meal for 2013). We went back to mine after, where I defeated him consistently in Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ;) ! I then left him alone for ages whilst I hurriedly got dressed/did my make up WHILST writing the previous blog post ;A; …causing us to miss our train woops. My bad..

Anyway, we arrived at a friend’s apartment in the city where we had some drinks and socialised!
At about 10.30pm, we left to head off to Blue Diamond, a classy bar on the 15th floor! The bar gave off a very ‘The Great Gatsby’ ambience; and whilst the wait for our cocktails (Queen of Hearts and Moulin Rouge) at the bar was ridiculously (but expected) long, I still had fun. We even witnessed a guy try and succeed(!) picking up some girls! When it was about 10 minutes till midnight, we moved to the balcony, where I was unfortunately stuck behind a tall (and smelly) man, for the countdown and the spectacular New Year Fireworks! It was such an amazing experience with Ashley ♥ We stayed at Blue Diamond for another hour dancing to some old school songs, and then nursing my poor feet that were already aching heaps (darn me for not bringing back up shoes / I ended up walking bare foot for quite a bit of the night afterwards).

We realised that we hadn’t actually eaten anything since the gyros at lunch time, so we went in search for food!
For some crazy reason, Ashley had some craving for KFC …so that’s where we headed. Anyway, the thing is I’ve never really roamed the city at night for NYE, so this was the first time I witnessed some scary people! I sat down on a seemingly free table at KFC whilst Ash ordered, only to be confronted by a really angry guy. I ..err ..hurriedly apologised and trotted off to Ashley ;A;  Then, whilst we were sitting by the window at KFC (away from angry man!)  I watched some drunk guy dance on the street and accidentally hit a few angry passer bys. After filling ourselves with greasy chicken, we walked towards Flinders where I believe all the scary people crowded around :'( We then headed to Crown ..where we wasted our time there with my feet aching and not really wanting to gamble/drink more. But we did have fun watching someone fail to hold on to her shoes, some guys being escorted out of Crown, and two drunk girls dressed in princess outfits calling themselves ‘Sparkle and Twinkle’ hitting on every single guy in sight (no exaggeration).

We ended our night at about 430am with me sleeping on his shoulder in the car ride home.

So ..how was your New Year’s Eve??

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8 comments to Hello 2014!

  • Congratz! Your blog is now 4 years old ^^
    Nice photos! Really like your outfit.

    Oh god all those crazy people in the city at night (for NYE). I haven’t
    experienced it yet (because I’ve always celebrated NYE with family/friends inside). But I can understand it! Here in the Netherlands people can use firework; I dislike that because drunk people can throw it at you! That’s why I prefer to stay at ‘safe’ places (not in the city):’)
    Lol at ‘Sparkle and Twinkle’ hahaha XD

    Happy New year! ;)
    Dewi recently posted…Cartoon Bow & Hearts Nails tutorial (video)My Profile

    • melludee

      And thank you! I can’t believe it’s been 4+ years since I’ve been writing on Melludee :o !

      But yeah, you are definitely better indoors than out! Oh man ..legal fireworks sounds really scary actually. It’s illegal for us…even though I always hear them going off illegally >.> ! But yeah lol Sparkle and Twinkle was sooo hilarious to watch but also kind of worrisome if they went in to the wrong guy’s hands lol!

  • Sheryl

    Happy 2014 Melludee! :)

  • Happy New Year!
    I spent NYE with my family and it was fun! I was planning to spend it in from of laptop :””( fortunately my mom asked me why we didn’t go to my grandma’s house ^-^
    Vanessa recently posted…2014My Profile

  • What an eventful NYE despite all the crazies *_* NYE i swear every crazy person comes out that night. Its the same in my state lol so scaryyyyy
    Thankgod you were with your partner and you looked fab ;)
    Hope the new year is treating you well

    • melludee

      But thank you! I hope your new year has been awesome so far :) ! But eesh yes, it probably happens everywhere :( the scary part is, they still come out when it’s not NYE!! (In fact, bf and I got stopped by some hobo who wouldn’t let us go until we gave him money yesterday at around 6.30pm :/)

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