Christmas 2013

Hi! Omg, yes. I haven’t posted here in ages because I’ve been so busy!!
Anyway, I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! The tree in the photo below is now bare and present-less :'( It’s something so sad to witness every year after everyone opens their presents!!

As per usual, my family and I celebrate Christmas on the Eve by having a small dinner.
HOWEVER, this year was different for me because I was bringing home a boy ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !! And for those who know my parentsdad, would know that he is a bit scary and super protective over me eep. But luckily, I had intro’d Ash 2 days prior and my dad responded quite positively to him! So it all went well! Phew. #nearlyhadaheartattack

The night wasn’t that exciting as we don’t really have any extended family in Australia. However it was the first time my entire family was together for Christmas in the past 2-3 years as my older brother has been constantly overseas!

So Ashley brought over Ascension (a card game we both love) so we played that throughout the night!
And as per tradition, we all opened our presents on the night together!! I was given a lot of amazing gifts this year and I am so grateful to all of them! With special mention to Ashley who picked something I needed (headphones!)

You may be wondering why I’m suddenly wearing Pyjamas in the middle photo hehe. WELL, after everyone left/went to bed, Ashley and I decided to keep playing Ascension but I was getting cold in my dress so ..what better way to play games with your boyfriend at 3am?! IN PYJAMAS OF COURSE! ♥ It’s much nicer to snuggly in too heh.

Of course, apart from presents from the family and Ashley, I also received some presents from co-workers/KKs !
I was actually surprised with the gifts in the bottom photo from two different co-workers!!  ♥

I had a really great Christmas this year! Nothing feels better than being surrounded by the people you love :)

How was your Christmas?

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6 comments to Christmas 2013

  • That looks lovely Melody c: I see Blackmilk :P
    and gaming in the early morning for the win haha!
    Have a nice NYE as well! Xx
    Ice Pandora recently posted…HOTSPOT 20 ‘Van der Valk’: High TeaMy Profile

  • Oh my gosh. I don’t know how long it has been since I have last commented on your blog, but it must have been a long freaking time if I didn’t see you with Ash! Congratulations! (I am a bit too late, but I wanted to send my congrats, hehe). It looks like you had tons of fun for Christmas! I know what you mean about over-protective dads. I have one myself and it took me about a year and a half into dating my boyfriend when I revealed to my entire family that I actually was in a relationship! It took a long time for them to get used to it since I never formally introduced my significant others to my parents before (after what…years of dating throughout high school too, haha).

    • melludee

      Oh woah! Yesss I haven’t heard from you in ages! Hope you’ve beeeeen okay? But then again, I haven’t really been active in the blogosphere this entire year ;^; And yayyy! Thankyou! And oh yeah, I’ve never intro’d my dad to any of my previous boyfriends! This is the first time ever ;A; #soscareeee

  • Aww this looks so lovely! Looks like you got some amazing goodies! xx
    Jasmine recently posted…Lush Blogger Christmas EventMy Profile

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