Social Night: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hello hello! How has everyone been? It’s currently SWOTVAC which means ..procrastination time!
No, but really. I’ve been meaning to post here but I’ve been a bit lazy.. But after some pestering from someone who shall not be named (/Cough Oj) I have mustered up enough energy to write this quick post!!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended SAMA’s annual Social Night yay!
This year the theme was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which is actually one of my favourite Shakespeare plays (I even drew a sketch of in Year 12). Anyway, Ash and I found it a bit of a challenge figuring out exactly what colour scheme we were going to choose and how we were going to incorporate the theme (without going in full costume build).

We finally decided on Gold (to represent Titania and Oberon’s royalty!) ..which was a horrible decision.
I did not realise how freaking hard it was to find a formal gold dress that 1. didn’t look like I was about to go clubbing and 2. didn’t cost me my life savings :I  BUT ALAS, Ash had already bought his (amazing) gold vest and it was too late/hard to get a refund/exchange on that I had no choice but to scour the internet and shops for something decent ;_;

I won’t go too much in to detail about my 100+ links of various gold dresses to Ash ..but just as I was about to purchase a cream dress, after nearly giving up, I remembered that a dress I had bookmarked awhile ago also came in gold!! It was actually from eBay (evilbay!) so I was slightly nervous ..but it was my best option so I just went for it!


Anyway, the night went wonderfully with an array of delicious food and entertainment.
Our table ended up winning the Table Prize  for the trivia (yay!) andddd Ashley and I both won Best Dressed Male and Female respectively. I apparently also won the random door prize but Amelia said I had won too many already :'(

So a quick pat on the back on the committee for an excellent night ♥

What is the last colour scheme you did?

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