Our First Date

Whilst spontaneous dates are exciting, it’s always nice to have a nice planned evening out!
So this was in awhile ago, in March, but Ashley arranged a lovely night out for our first proper date since being together ♥

Before we started dating, Ashley and I talked a lot about random things.
One of them was my dislike for lamb and his love of it – he insisted that I had never tried good lamb so my opinion of it was invalid. To prove his point, he took me to one of his favourite Greek restaurants, Stalactites. As someone who had (I have a billion times now) never really eaten Greek cuisine before, I let him pick and order everything.

Verdict? Everything was actually super delicious, including the lamb.
I probably didn’t enjoy the meat as much as he did, but I can’t deny that I did quite like it. Although, my favourite would definitely be the dip and bread! Oh, the salad was delicious too! I guess he won me over. Which I guess is kind of obvious by the amount of times I’ve eaten Greek food in the past 6 or so months since being with him >:/

After dinner, we walked off to Terra Rosa Restaurant Bar, where we had booked a Cocktail experience.
Along with a plate of various desserts, the bartender also designed a cocktail for the both of us. Ashley’s cocktail was quite alcoholic with an orange flavour and a milky texture; whilst mine was light, sweet and fruity.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think he’d be able to pull off such a good night.
But it turned out wonderful and it was an incredibly sweet first date night for the both of us ♥

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