Wishlist 2013

As another year passes, another birthday seems to creep closer ..
And to follow tradition (2010,2011,2012) it seems only right to start writing my wishlist for my upcoming …22nd birthday (oh noooo, why does that sound old and how are the years flying past me so fast?!)

But yes, it’s actually kind of difficult thinking of what I want now that I’m older hm …

But as usual, it’s really always the same kind of things with me ♥
I like things that sparkle, art, eye colour, lots of jewellery, lipsticks, cameras, quirky things, clothes, meaningful items, flowers, a box of love and really a whole lot of things that my parents like to call junk in my room ehe.

Oh and I guess, definitely most of the stuff on my Anti-Wishlist from last year still applies.

So there we go! Another year’s wishlist which I assume is really no help to anyone :P

What’s on your wishlist?

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