Kamelot comes to Australia!!

On June 7th  I went to my first concert ever .. to see KAMELOT ft Alissa White-Gluz!!!
This was the first time they had toured in Australia and I was super excited to go see them perform live!

Casey Grillo, Sean Tibbetts, Alissa White-Gluz, Thomas Youngblood, ME!, Tommy Karevik and Oliver Palotai

(A little segue from the main topic: Kamelot actually reposted my image on their Facebook page!!!)

They’re actually the boyfriend’s favourite band ever, but I quickly grew to like them as 1. they are actually amazing and 2. their songs are amazing and … 3. Ash wouldn’t stop playing their songs whenever I was around -_- … but regardless!!! We excitedly bought VIP tickets and were ready to welcome Kamelot to Australia on 7th June 2013!!

So I’ve never actually been to any sort of concert or gig before ..so I was a little nervous about the whole thing.
As VIP ticket holders, we got to enter the venue early and meet Kamelot themselves!! I managed to get three posters of them signed whilst each of them made some small talk with me. (The guy who formed the band, Thomas Youngblood specifically asked my name and shook my hand wooo!!!)  We also got to take a photo with them, and although it was very rush rush, management was still very nice about me retaking a photo when it came out blurry!

So the night kicked off with two opening bands: Anarion and Divine Ascension!
As eager beavers, we went straight to the front and managed to stay at least in the 3rd row for the entire night!!

Ahem. Now let’s begin a mini rant. I say at least the 3rd row because we were actually in the SECOND ROW right in the middle at the start. It wasn’t until Kamelot finally came on that some spastic idiot went nuts next to us. He elbowed and knocked us around heaps :/ He even punched another guy that was next to us, just because he refused to budge.
I think the worst part about this for me was that because I’m so short (151cm) I was so easily knocked around.
Thankfully Ashley is really tall and protected me for the majority of it but that guy seriously was the BIGGEST dickhead I had ever met. I was so close to punching him in the nuts ..but I was scared he’d go crazier and try to fight ;_; In the end, we somehow ended up in the 3rd (or maybe 4th) row …much more to the left hand side sigh -__-“

Thankfully that ended semi quickly and I got to enjoy the rest of the night with Kamelot pumping out awesome songs!
Whilst I still found it a little hard to breathe whenever someone got a little too excited and started pushing against us … I managed to find relief in this rather big guy standing in front of us who I could push against whenever someone pushed me too hard haha! He was like a huge rock who didn’t move despite all those crazy people behind us :P

The night ended nearly around midnight where we retired from one of the best nights of our lives!
I definitely want to see them again if they ever return to Australia!!

Here are a few of my fav songs: Forever, Centre of the Universe, Rule the World, Karma and Sacrimony !!
(They had an amazing previous vocalist, Roy Khan before he retired, so these links would actually feature him instead)

♥ ♥ ♥
What are your concert experiences?

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