Bad Study Habits

I’ve finally been released by the chains of uni exams …and am now free!!
With all this free time I’ve now acquired, I decided to reflect on how I acted during the examination period for the past 3-4 weeks. And all I can really say is that I have some terrible habits that I really ought to try and get rid of hahaha ;^;

As it’s Winter in Australia at the moment, it’s incredibly hard to roll out of bed in the morning to study..
Okay well. Make that afternoon as waking up in the morning is difficult in itself regardless of the weather hahaha. But errr, during the exam period, I’m probably in bed a whole lot more than I really should be ..especially when I roll back in to bed after already getting out, eating and attempting to study for a few hours hahah.

I believe the gif above is a good representation of how I’m like when trying to get up.
I usually try to set some sort of alarm so I don’t oversleep too much..but um, as can be depicted in the gif, I might just ignore that particular alarm and go back to sleep. (Yes, I am a terrible role model and you should never ever do this loll!!)

Actually though, I’ve been quite sick during my exam period.
And in fact, I’m only now recovering from tonsillitis. It’s actually terrible and I pity anyone who has to suffer through it :C

Of course though, I have plenty of other bad habits during exam period apart from my sleeping pattern.
I blame Ashley for this one!! But he downloaded this iPhone game MegaMall Story recently and I may be slightly addicted to it! My mall is now 8 stories high ..but is currently suffering through a depression and hence I’m losing profit -_-” ANYWAY, there’s also the usual suspects of Facebook, Youtube and the likes that keep me preoccupied.

But yes, don’t fret! I do actually study for my exams ..just not in the best way possible hahah
(Like staying up all night and then attempting to rely on caffeine to help me stay awake in the exam ;^;)

What are your bad study habits?

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