Ice Breaker

Earlier this year, I got to meet a long time reader of my blog, Natalie and her sister Kaylee ♥
As I’ve said countless of times in the past, I’ve always found it hard to meet people I’ve never communicated with properly before. But nevertheless, when an opportunity such as this appears, it is better to grasp it rather than let it slip away. In any case, I believe I made an excellent choice in choosing to meet with up with these wonderful girls!

All these photos were taken on the amazing Natalie’s camera. Thank you.

(I really need to stop wearing these stockings ..but I can’t help that I like them too muchu *__*)

Something I’ve actually noticed is how the act of camwhoring creates bonds with people.
By that I mean, silly photos and crazy faces are a good way to break down some inhibitions. Well at least, that’s how it is with me. It’s probably the fact that both people would be embarrassing themselves in public (rather than just me)

Anyway, these girls are incredibly sweet and I had a wonderful time meeting them!
Makes me think that I should actually start travelling and meeting you guys instead of waiting for you all to come to Melbourne haha. Wonder where I should head off to first though hmm? Give me some suggestions ! :D

♥ ♥ ♥

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