Intel Ultrabook Convertible

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Hello wonderful people! Today, I have something pretty exciting to share and review with you!
As some of you may have seen from my tweets / instagram, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to play with an Intel Ultrabook Convertible for the past week :) I was incredibly excited to be able to try this out as I’ve never had anything like it. For reference, I normally blog using my desktop but frequently use my laptop, iPad and iPhone to access social media.

This Intel Ultrabook Convertible is pretty much what has been taking up my time this entire week hehe.
I don’t have Windows 8 on any of my actual products so it was fun to play around with a new system!! Plus, having an Intel Core i5 and HD graphics made it an awesome time consuming product to review hehe.

Now, the super amazing thing about this Ultrabook is that’s a laptop and a tablet in one.
I’ve actually always liked the thought of this concept! Sometimes you need to use the touch screen for games or drawing (stylus!), but other times really just want to use a physical keyboard for typing ease!! *_*

But yes, as you can see, using this Ultrabook instead of my desktop was definitely an experience. The ability to just carry this around with you anywhere was great. In fact, I’m probably going to continue typing this blog post bed!! Which is actually pretty awesome, since I’m normally sitting at my desk typing these blog posts (usually at 3am) being able to type at ease in bed is really useful. (I’m not a fan of typing long posts with touch screen yay for keyboard!)

It’s actually really light too so it made holding it in bed much easier (compared to using my laptop at least)
I also decided to let my mum and brother both give it a go to see what they did with it. My brother immediately put it in its portrait tablet mode to start reading his lectures (and later forums haha) whilst my mum used it in its laptop mode (to stand) to watch stuff on youtube while she cooked dinner haha. Definitely was good versatility!

I actually really enjoyed using this Ultrabook ..and with it’s 7 second start up, it’s easy to use anywhere!

What’s your opinion on the Ultrabook?
Where and when would you use it? Do you like that it’s both a tablet and a laptop?

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10 comments to Intel Ultrabook Convertible

  • Sooo cool. I really love to test this once :D

  • Cindy Pho

    First of all, those GIFs are awesome – really showcases the ultrabook’s versatility.
    I reckon, if I didn’t already just buy a laptop, and I had a heap of money to spare for extra awesome useful things – there’s probably a chance I would get this to replace my laptop. It’s a tablet and laptop in one! What else would you want? I reckon I’d just worry about memory, and computer speed.
    But for a uni student, it would be extremely useful.

    • melludee

      Why thank you Cindy :D
      Hmm from what I remember, the memory and computer speed both were pretty good. Core i5 !!! But yeah, I thought the nifty two in one was pretty cool.

  • That’s actually awesome. Might consider getting this as a replacement for my current laptop, if I don’t decide to just revert to a desktop. Hmm…how’s the price, though? Any performance issues, overheating, stuff like that?
    Oranges recently posted…Our DeadMy Profile

    • melludee

      Hmmm, it is a little bit on the expensive side (I think?)
      But here are a few links I was provided to compare: [1] [2] [3] :) And mmm, I don’t remember any performance issues – I do remember that the fan was pretty good?

  • Superlove! I’m using Vaio for more than a year and it’s just awesome!! <3 Saw this on ads too and it's veryyyy nice just looked a bit fragile for me at first xD seeing your review it then seems just so great now!! You're lucky :) <3
    Miaojuan recently posted…What I value: #1 Honesty.My Profile

  • I saw the ad for this the other day on TV and I must say, it sounded quite ingenius. And convertable. And compact. And every other synonym under the sun to describe its versatility. I really have tried to use the Windows 8 interface but I find it so messy, but who knows, it may grow on me like a Mac. I like your GIF, and your fingers ;3; Hehe you family got on the bandwagon, oh my gosh yeah, I’ve always kinda dreamt of having a TV or compy in the kitchen while I cook… this would be such a clever idea.. thanks Melody’s mama ;3; Seven second start up… remember the days when you’d have to wait until you hear the Windows chimey sounds then wait until the start bar would appear, then insert your floppy disks, only to be able to fit 1.3MB memory? Oh my, have we developed. I think this Ultrabook would be great for a tablet, especially when you’re on the go and you can access its ‘laptop’ features in an instant!

    • melludee

      Oh my goodnesssss. Floppy disks are crazzyyyyy.
      But yeah, it is okay. I found it quite hard to use the Windows 8 at first too – I guess really you just got to get used to everything ? But yes! It is definitely rather compact and versatile *___*

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