The Experience: Intel Ultrabook

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Hello! I know you heard quite about the awesome Intel Ultrabook already…
But  I just wanted to add a little bit more on my experience of using it. Considering, I believe I mentioned how different it was for me since I usually use my desktop or iPad for all things computer related ..and this was both of them in one ♥ !

But yes, as you can see it’s ability for it to switch between a tablet and a laptop makes it easy for it to use it in different settings. Plus the fact that it’s really light-weight makes it even more convenient for it to be taken to Uni and alike. But okay, I lie. I didn’t use it for anything study related, but rather just watched TV shows and movies on it in bed hehe. And thankfully the battery life lasts for ages (approx 3 movies worth) unplugged so it’s perfect for lying in bed.

Anyway, I actually love using the touch screen whilst actually typing at the same time.
I mean, the keyboard has an excellent mouse ball touch option but it’s so awesome being able to type …and then using the touch screen to scroll down or click a new tab instead of having to use the mouse to do all that work.

But yes, I did have quite a bit of fun with this Ultrabook and would definitely love it again ;)

Would you use it in it’s laptop mode? Or tablet mode?

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