Monthly Noms: Feb

Hi there! Okay, I really should get my act together and start posting regularly !!!
But hello  yes. I bring forth some delicious food from the month of February. I also apologize if there isn’t any caption beneath some of them ..because my memory is failing me. And well, just look at the pretty pictures ♥

Warning: Eating prior to this post is recommended as hunger and/or salivation may ensue.

Arnott's Tim Tam Iced Chocolate @ Gloria Jeans

Chicken Parma and Chips @ Ikea

Tori Karaage @ Monga Izakaya

Macha Creme Brulee w/ HM Cheese Cake @ Monga Izakaya

Assorted Desserts @ The Kitchen Workshop

Wat Tan Hor @ Straits of Malacca

Assorted Sushi & things @ Chinabar Signature

Assorted Desserts @ Chinabar Signature

Chips w/ Vietnamese Sauce @ Lord of the Fries

ICE CREAMM @ Baskin & Robins

Beancurd Skin Pork Roll & Shanghai Pork Dumplings @ Nudle

Crispy Fried Noodles @ Nudle

I feel like that wasn’t a very exciting food post. But then again, February wasn’t a very exciting time for me either!!
Although, ugh. I am kind of hungry right now just looking at some of these dishes. Hmm ;;

But yes!! Melody is back in her happy zone so please do expect some better posts coming up soon ;) ♥

Noodles or Rice?

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24 comments to Monthly Noms: Feb

  • *A* *drool*
    In my place, the last dish is called ifumi x)
    I’m very curious with the ‘Chicken Parma’ xD looks so good~
    Ah no good, it’s so late at night now and I am hungry xD

    and for the question, I choose noodle (I’m not a fan of rice :x)

    I don’t want sad Melody~~I want happy Melody!!!! <3
    Waiting for your next post :3
    Miaojuan recently posted…We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.My Profile

    • melludee

      Oooh I’ve never heard of the word ‘ifumi’ before *__*
      And chicken parma is delicious! You should definitely try it if you ever get the chance :D haha and awww, thank youuu <33333

  • Mei

    ARGH! These pictures doesn’t
    do me well while I’m in a
    detox week!! Glad Melody is
    back to her happy zone c:
    I can’t choose between noodles
    and rice :c sometimes I’m in
    a ricemood and sometimes I’m in
    a noodlemood lol

    Mei recently posted…Peek Into My Life 29My Profile

  • Aww, well. I just ignored your warning and watched your yummy pictures without eating something before. SOO DELICIOUS! Wanna eat all this stuff, especially sushi nomnomnom *v*

  • Sue

    NOODLES! Whenever I eat out I always choose noodles cos at home I eat rice everyday. Udon is my favourite ^_^

  • Irene

    also let’s go out for lunch so you can gimme your prawns hehehehe

  • Omg. I’m not even hungry but this post just made me want to eat anything and everything, haha. Everything looks so good!!
    Arttu recently posted…You painted black upon the whitest liesMy Profile

  • You eat the most delicious mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western food. *drools* Fries, cake, sushi, bean curd? HAHAHAHA!! :)

  • Noodles for ever! In fact, I had noodles for lunch today! Mmmmmmmmmm xxx
    Katie recently posted…Help Support One of the Bravest People I knowMy Profile

  • you are killing me with your food posts Ox
    Thosee desertss omgerrrrr. ima gonna stuff myself with icecream now..
    cuz that’s all the desert i have ; 3;
    njennifer recently posted…Young Action Hero [school assignment]My Profile

  • Kri

    omg everything looks good! nom nom nom

  • I remember having treated myself regularly to the Iced Chocolate range at GJ, now I never do ;^; IT’S BECAUSE I’M SLIGHTLY ADDICTED TO BOOST AND NEED THAT IN MY LIFE NOW. But boy does that lashing of caramel look good on whipped cream ouo. Mmmm I love IKEA food and its economic prices for such tasty dishes. I’ve only ever had their hotdogs and meatball dishes but that chicken parm looks generous ouo. I wuv me some karaage, anything with a deep fried batter is pretty sexy. Macha creme brulee is SO GOOD, and hokkaido milk cheesecake is like a matchmade in heaven D: Omg qurl I throw some your way in congratz to your new job. HAHA just take a photo of your friends dessert, actually, I remember having gelato before a main but because the main was also sweet (I know, it was meant to be savoury), it didn’t turn out so well. But those little chocolate boxes are so cute :3 You don’t like prawns? That’s okey. I know why. It’s cause you’re a mermaid and can’t eat your own species. It’s okey boo. Restaurants with good lighting = perfect photos. Restaurants with bad lighting = Instagram filter. It’s always solved. I’m glad to hear everyone is friendly at work CAUSE IF THEY AREN’T *PUNCHES FIST*, this post is soon gonna give me diabetes, look at that assortment of cake :< What is 'Vietnamese Sauce' I'm so curious. But I did have LOTF when I was in Melbs, probably would if I had the chance too c: Waffles cones are the best cones to eat out of, and I've never tried Baskin Robbins but it looks like they don't skimp on servings c: HAHAHHA how were they the worst dumplings? Please enlighten us! I actually don't really like combination crispy noodles.. so I'll eat the vegies heh. I would prefer noodles more than rice in general cause I think rice can be really fulfilling.
    Bambi recently posted…Ah, ah, ah, don’t blame your timeMy Profile

    • melludee

      Omg Bambi. Karaage is the best in any shape or form. Seriously. Ahhhhh …well I guess the whole deep fried thing going on makes a whole lot of things better but still *___* nggg. Do want. And ohhh, you have to try the food at Ikea! It’s cheap and pretty good tasting (imo at leasttt). And naww, mermaid melody sings with all her prawn frens so they be anger if she ate themm *~* lolololl <3 OH AND ..yessssssss instagram filters fix everything (most times at least) ahahaha. And eeeeeee, Vietnamese sauce is pretty much sweet chilli mayo = SO GOOD. IT IS INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS MMMM. And hahaha I don't know why! Those dumplings really just tasted so bad ...lacked a nice flavour at all :( I love me noodles. Noodles all da tiemmm <3

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