Macchiato Brown

Hello dear friends!! How has everyone been faring for the past few weeks?
I’ve actually been quite busy for the past week or so with University classes and having a social life. But it’s been good! It’s good being able to get out of the house and trying out new things with some pretty awesome friends ♥

But despite being incredibly busy, I managed to take a few photos of these amazing lenses that mukuChu sent just before I went out for dinner. These lenses are a simple brown but the colour is so much softer and lighter than others! You can also see that they’ve got some sort of swirly effect to them – making them ..less blocky than some other ones I’ve had. ♥

Review: Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown
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Colour: ♥♥♥♥♥ – I really like this brown! It’s so .. different? And it’s still quite noticeable!
Design: ♥♥♥♥♡ – As you can see, they’ve got a swirly effect that creates a nice blend *_*
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡ – I wore them for about 6 hours and they felt perfectly fine!! (read belowww)
Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥ – Well. These are 15.0 and they are definitely quite enlarging!!!
Overall: ♥♥♥♥♡ – I actually think these are quite nice if you’re after all these qualities *___* !!

Okay! So for those who have me on twitter, would’ve seen this. But the one problem I did have with these lenses were that they were realllllly soft. And whilst that’s an awesome thing, it made it much harder to put in my eye than usual :/ I’m not sure if that was just me ..but yeah. Otherwise though, I actually think these lenses are perfect for a dolly eye look!

Actually, if you don’t mind the 15.0mm, you could totally wear these out for a natural look too !
(Also here’s a huge bonus point. I really like the name of these lenses haha!!)

What colour would you want your eyes to be?

Sponsored by mukuChu

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21 comments to Macchiato Brown

  • May I first just say that I love your hair? I’ve always had a thing for red hair, I think that if I fell for girls or if I were a boy or something, I’d go for the redheads. Just throwing that out there.

    Swirly effect? That’s special. I think they’re still really wearable, maybe because they’re brown? Hey Melo, do you often wear your lenses out, like, to school or grocery shopping or other day-to-day activities? What kind of reaction do you get?
    Bibi recently posted…Sex edMy Profile

    • melludee

      Thank you dear <3
      I actually have a thing for red hair too! Especially on guys actually *_*

      And yess, the brown does make it seem a lot more natural than others. And mmm, I wear it when I'm like going to something like a nice dinner or outing to the city? Pretty much when I wanna not wear glasses (and feel blind) haha. But umm, most people don't notice if I wear the normal grey ones ..but if I wear super big green ones or something, a few people just like to stare at them :D

  • These lenses look a lot more natural than the ones I’ve seen before, and they compliment your hair so well :D Qurl your loose waves are so purdy, teach me your ways. It’s like a light hue of a dark brown, and they do swirl, because you wanna hypnotize people ouo Wow they are really enlarging O__O but they don’t look alienish or anything, they somehow look quite natural haha! I think they’re a good investment for people starting with contacts and wanna look more subtle. Soft as in, the contact itself didn’t have much integrity? That’s a shame though, but I like how honest you are in your reviews :-)
    Bambi recently posted…I’m a shotgun filled with paint, and I’m too big to operateMy Profile

    • melludee

      Ahh Bambehhh <3 Thank youuuu!
      And omgahhh, these took me so long to curl seriouslllllyyy. The hairdresser did it so nicely and I attempted to replicate it ..and I failed ;^; wahhh. And nyoho, yess, I think they are good for people woh just want bigger eyes without looking too creepy (with different coloured eyes) *v* And mmmmm, well itw as so soft that it couldn't hold it's shape by itself :/ (sah annoyinggg) ;; BUT YES, I LUB YOU.

  • lovely lenses, they look really natural on ya.. and whoaaaaaaa melodyyyyyy i’m in love with your red hair. I used to want red hair really bad, but i couldn’t get it this red like yours o.o!! love itttttt please leave it this way xD!!
    Elisa recently posted…Important: Google Reader quits from the 1st of July!My Profile

    • melludee

      Thank youuu ;3 hahaha, I love this red hairrr too!
      But umm, it took like two bleaches and then two different red dyes *_* (slight ombre look)

  • <3

    and i loved these lenses! pretty sad they are out of date a long time ago haha.
    njennifer recently posted…[sponsored] Royal Vision – Bella 4 tone Green lenses review ~My Profile

  • I really like these lenses!
    If I had a choice to choose my own eye colour, it’d be grey :)
    Mai Nguyen recently posted…REVIEW: Sammy DressMy Profile

  • Though you are reviewing the lens, your hair colour is so gorgeous. Wish I was as daring to dye my hair.. but it’s too dead to do so :'(
    Sophie recently posted…I WaitedMy Profile

    • melludee

      Nooo! You should do it once in your life!
      I only did this really bright colour because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it soon ..when I start full time work and all :/

  • Resha

    omgosh! I love your red hair!! Sooo pretty and long! So envioussss!! D: D: Love the lenses too hehe :)

  • Sue

    Hehehe like everyone else — your hair is amazing!!!!!! The bleach paid off ;)
    The lenses are nice as well! Go really well with the hair :)

  • I love your Wavy hair!! And the bright red/dark red combo is awesome on you ^^
    Mm the colour I wish my eyes were naturally would be… a lighter brown?

    By the way I just got an email from mukuCHU about them closing in June and no longer sponsoring bloggers D: !!
    Jennifer recently posted…Review: Smitten Romance SeriesMy Profile

    • melludee

      Thanks !! I love wavy hair too *_* (straight hair looks so boring on meee)
      Mmm, light brown sounds niceeee. Ohh yess, I got the email too :( makes me so sadddddddd.

  • WOW YOUR HAAAAAAIIIIIIR <3 It looks amazing <33333

    The lenses look really lovely on you, really nice and natural, but putting just enough emphasis on your eyes (if that makes sense haha)

    Sorry to hear about what you are going through :( If you want, email me an address and I will send you some english goodies!

    Katie recently posted…Help Support One of the Bravest People I knowMy Profile

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