Asian Impressions Photoshoot

Hello everyone!! I apologize for my sudden absence from social media :(
University has just started again so I’m trying to get back in to this whole groove again!

Anyway, about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet the man behind Asian Impressions and organise a quick photoshoot whilst he was in Melbourne. Now, I’ve never done any sort of fashion photoshoot before (all my photos are taken by Vu or myself :/) so I was …very nervous! ┬áSo, this was definitely out of my comfort zone. But, I knew that I would regret it if I turned down the offer I decided to go for it despite all of my uncertainties and doubts *_* !

Asos Woodland Print Dress, Top Shop Tights, Cape, Jay Jay Hat, Collete Jewellery

Whilst I’m sure that I could’ve been a much better model, I’m quite happy with how some of the photos turned out! There are a lot more than the ones posted here, but they’re not all edited and I feel like my own edits wouldn’t live up to these!!

But yes, apart from confirming that I’m a pretty socially awkward penguin, I learnt that it’s good to take a hold of opportunities when you can. Sometimes you only get one chance to do something, so don’t hold back! There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the unknown, but we shouldn’t let our fear dictate and restrict the way we want to lives.

What’s out of your comfort zone?

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