Monthly Noms: January

Hi there friends! Another late night posting for me haha (terrible new year resolution)
It’s already February and 2013 has really settled right in. I’m already used to writing it and I feel like 2012 was ages away!! Anyway, with January done, I’ve got a couple of pictures from my (delicious) food adventures *_*

Also, for those who never figured it out …hover over each image in order of appearance.
Decided to just tell you guys since it’ll be appearing in all my blog posts ..and it’s more fun this way!!

Country Breakfast @ Pancake Parlour

Pappa Premium Ice Cream @ PappaRich

Oriental Chicken Chop @ PappaRich

Hot Mama @ Grilld

Churros for Two @ San Churro

Assortment of Macarons @ San Churro

Turkish Pide (Mustard marinated chicken breast) @ Zest 89

Pappa Char Kuay Teow @ PappaRich

Tasting plate (forgot actual name) @ Lindt Cafe

Rotisserie Organic Chicken @ PM24

Escargots (Garlic and parsley butter, mouillettes) @ PM24

Crème brûlée @ PM24

Combo Dip @ Taco Bill

Potato Skins @ Hogs Breath

Woah, so it seems that this month was filled with a lot more western food than usual!!
Not really sure why that is ..but I think I was subconsciously either trying to try new food or just avoiding taking pictures of all the Asian meals I was eating (because I’m positive I ate quite a few bentos) But it’s good! Trying new food is something I really need to get in to the habit of doing. Sticking by my favourites is limiting my knowledge of food !

Do you try new food often?

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