Australian Summer

Hi Hi! It’s currently Summer in Australia which means bright colours and sunnies for me!
Although I’m quite adverse to the heat (ugh 40°c days!!) and the annoying mozzies (mosquitoes) that seem to pop up during this season, I still quite like Summer!! But, I should mention that ‘my version’ of Summer is quite different.

Firstly, Summer is awesomeee because it means holidays!! (and really, who doesn’t like that??)
But I think the only reason why I actually like Summer more than I really should is because I do my best to stay out of the heat as much as possible. I love being in an air-conditioned room so yes, that may be why I actually like Summer.

Truthfully, I absolutely hate the heat! I get sick really quickly when it’s hot and sunburn like crazy :(
And what’s worse is that Vu loves the heat so he doesn’t understand my predicament when I’m perspiring like a disgusting person and complaining/crying that I need the air-conditioner before I pass out :(

Oh. But this doesn’t mean I don’t love the sun, because I do!!! I really do – just not when it’s in crazy mode.

What’s your favourite season?

Btw, did everyone manage to find out my secret messages in the previous post? Hint: Mouse
I’ll be adding them randomly in each post, so if you can find them – well done(!) you get to hear my random thoughts!

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18 comments to Australian Summer

  • My favourite colour is purple. :P
    The hint makes it so much easier to figure out the secret message.

    Oh, and my favourite season has to be autumn.
    Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, spring has heaps of mozzies.
    Autumn is between hot and cold, so it should be the perfect season. xD

    • melludee

      Haha yes! I didn’t know how else to hint it haha
      Ooh that makes sense :) I think I like Spring though …despite the occasional hayfever …

  • Uugh I don’t know if I should be glad to be in Malaysia now or not. The temperature here ranges from 30 to 40 degrees as well and I do not step out of the house at all unless my destination promises air conditioner upon my arrival. XD

    I don’t get how Vu loves the heat. I absolutely can’t stand sticky and oily skin! Sunnies are the best perk of summer, IMO. =D

    Mmmm… I really wanna hang out at the beach right now.

    • melludee

      Omg yes oily skin is the worsttttt!
      Ahhh I’m scared of retuning to Malaysia cos I’m scared of the heat and humidity ;-; I hate sweating ..

  • My favorite season is Summer, it’s the time of the year when I go to the beach and relax under the sun so I would gladly switch positions with someone in Australia! It’s super cold in the U.K now and the weather-woman says that tomorrow will snow.

  • Sue

    Prettty!! Love the blue! My god I just went back to your last post determined to find the secret messages. I FOUND THEM ALL LOL and I found the ones in this too. How cute haha. My favourite colour is purple! :D

  • Love the lippy! My favourite season has to be Spring, only if it’s the beautiful sunshine 25 degree Australian weather, but I hate the hayfever that comes with it. Nonetheless, I’m loathing Singapore’s weather because of the 80%+ humidity!

  • I totally understand you! I love being in the sun but I hate heat so much >< I love swimming and everything but after 10 minutes I'm red all over. :( Need sunblocker 50 but furthermore I'm kinda allergic to the sun so… No sun for me in summer! Only in spring and autumn but I'm okay with that :)

    haha, I love your random stories! My favourite colors are black, grey, white and pink :)

    Lovely greetings from cold Germany! ♥

    • melludee

      Aww thats a terrible reaction :(
      I love the sun when it’s not fully blazing and there’s a cool breeze! And boy am I jealous of the cool weather in Germany!

  • I can’t stand heat or cold. I do love the seasons in between though. But of course, who doesn’t love the summer? It means holidays, ice-cream and beaches!

  • B

    I think this may be the first time I’ve seen you in sunnies, could you be anymore cuter O3O I can’t stand Summer. The heat, the flies, the idea of sticking to the floor cause you can’t get up anymore. Is that a Snoopy Happy Meal figurine in the background HEHE Vu loves the heat? Opposites attract /winks playfully/ My favourite season is either Autumn or Winter. I love the cold, so much layering and you can eat your weight in pho haha

    • melludee

      Ahaha oh you ;)
      Yes! I have a large collection of those McDonald Snoopy figurines – both the large and small ones!! (shows how healthy I eat hahaha) Oh and yes, nobody can tell my chubby flab under all the layering in winter hohoho

  • melludee

    You’re crazy baby :I

  • Kitty

    Autumn is my favourite season here in England! It’s still reasonably warm at the beginning of the season, and all the leaves turn different colours and fall off the trees (I love leaf piles), and then it transitions into the crisp cold of Winter. I love the sun, but I hate heat haha!

    PS My favourite colour is purple :3


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