Monthly Noms: Nov & Dec

Hi! I hope you’ve all eaten because this post is filled with food porn ;)
It came to my attention that with working so much in the past two months, I completely forgot to do a November Monthly Noms post (oops) so I shall be combining November and December in this one post here! I apologise in advance as I can’t really remember the names of the restaurants and dishes eep. Memory failing me at the moment !! ;~;

Warning: There’s A LOT of photos so I hope you ate something before reading this ♥
(Apart from the first photo and last photo, everything is in order of date that I nommed each delicious dish)

Alice in Wonderland @ Pancake Parlour

Salt & Pepper Pork with Tomato Rice @ Saigon Light (Do not recommend this place - service is terrible!!!)

Sliced Beef & Beef Ball Pho @ Saigon Light (Again, don't recommend this place - crap service)

Variety Basket (L) and Vegetarian Basket(R) @ Oriental Teahouse

Steamed White Chocolate Dumplings @ Oriental Teahouse (Recommend!! This tastes amazing!)

Crispy Noodles @ Hop Ky

Barbeque Pork Slice Ramen @ Hanaichi Doncaster

Crispy Chicken @ Taiwan Cafe (Food good but service is terrible - not worth it imo)

Xiao Long Bao @ Taiwan Cafe (Pretty good XLB that didn't break that easily / still bad service)


Vanilla Slice, Bee Sting, Fruit Tart & 'Forgot Name' @ Ferguson Plarre Bakery (Love love love!)

Free Edamame !!! @ Bentoya with Eleanor & Gerry (Excellent service)

Tonkatsu Bento @ Bentoya (Delicioussss but totally couldnt' finish all by myself ;^;)

Limon & Ferroro Rocher Flavoured Gelato @ Limonetto Gelati Docklands (best!)

Salt & Pepper Crispy Chicken @ East Empress (Good but incredibly overpriced!!)

Deep Fried Ice Cream @ East Empress (So cool!)

Katsudon @ Ito Japanese Noodle Cafe (w/ Sue, Eleanor, Jennifer, Min & Shirley)

Salted Caramel Crepe @ La Petite Creperie w/ Sue & Min (Delicious ! *_*)

Banana Split with Premium Ice Cream @ Pappa Rich Glen Wav

Satay Chicken @ Pappa Rich Glen Wav (This was delicious and service was awesome)

Crispy Fish Tofu(?) @ Ho Chiak Malaysian Seafood Restaurant

Chasyu Ramen @ Ajisen Ramen (Our NYE Dinner !)

Woah, okay. That was a lot of food so I decided to delete a few (but I’m sure they’ll pop up in later months!)
Anyway, with all this delicious food, we’d definitely need something to wash it all down with, right? So here are a few drinks too!

Ribena Melon, Grapefruit Spitrock, Taro Milktea, Rootbeer Float & Lemon, Lime & Bitters ♥

So that’s the end of ..two months hehe. There’s quite a lot of dishes here that I’ve shared with my bf, friends and family don’t think I can even eat this much alone ahaha! Now, I am incredibly hungry right now and it’s 2AM lol ;~;

I hope you’re all hungry now too (so we can suffer in hunger together waahahaaha)
Also: There’s a couple of secret messages in this post let’s see if anyone can find out what they are!

What’s the last thing you ate?

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