What’s in a Name?

As you all should know my real name is Melody ♫ ! (Shame on you if you didn’t)
Unfortunately, I am not very musically inclined at all. But that doesn’t mean music doesn’t play an important factor in my life, because it does. But then again, I would be shocked if music wasn’t important to most of you too!

It’s amazing how music has the ability to touch your soul and create such strong emotions.
I’m sure that many of you have lost yourself listening to music, only to be brought back to a specific time and place when you once heard that song. Feeling the same, as if nothing has changed. It is almost as if it is a time machine of sorts.

Now, I’m guessing most of you would assume I’m named after the love of music ♥
Although I can’t deny this exactly, I can say it definitely isn’t the main reason. I was actually named after the movie, Melody (1971) and in particular, the song, Melody Fair – Bee Gees, that plays in the movie! So right from the get go, music has been apart of me regardless of talent or not. It’s something that I don’t think I could ever live without.

Over the years, our music preferences change  a lot, don’t they? I know mine has!
It’s really hard for me to say what my favourite song is, but I definitely know there are a few that mean something to me. I can’t exactly remember everything off the top off my head right now, but I love my Arashi, All American Rejects, Owl City, Ellegarden, Four Letter Lie, Pentatonix and a bunch of artists where I’ve only liked one or two of their songs ♥

What are you listening to now?

I’m listening to Arashi’s Tokei Jikake no Umbrella right now. It’s bringing me back to the time I first started University and there were so many new experiences happening. And the feeling of my heart beating really quickly.

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18 comments to What’s in a Name?

  • I haven’t been able to listen to much new music lately because Spotify is unable to be accessed in Singapore after its 14-day travel time, but lots of old school R&B has been quite preferable, and whatever has been on my “Most Played” list. My #1 listened to track is Let Me Love You by Mario.. Such a smooth song, lol.

  • Aw, that’s a really interesting origin to your name! And you’re the only Melody I know too, wah; such a pretty name~~~
    Lol, don’t worry, I’m sure all of us “sing” in our rooms at one point or another! (Like when you feel angsty enough to belt out Adele, haha.)
    I listen to music on via iTunes/my iPod too! My one is black from 2009, I think?! But awww at you rejoicing over buying pink electronics, lolol.

    • melludee

      Yay! Let me be the only Melody in your life ;)
      Too bad I know ..like 3 :( Ahahahahah, oh I attempt Adele from time to time and it just reminds me that I’ll never be professional singer hahahaha. Yay for old iPods!!!

  • I think music is the most nostalgic vessel there is! Shame on anyone who denies it! I think that’s when I got into Jazz/Soul/Blues genres, cause they’re so emotionally raw that its hard not to feel some sort of.. empathy. But I’ll stop before I sound like a pretentious music critic HEHEE. It is a time machine! My iTunes is a time machine, aren’t ours all? That’s so weird, I remember faring onto your blog somehow and associating your name to that Bee Gees song so like total mindblown moment right now. I see Arashi! Hohho I haven’t listened to them in a while but that takes me back c: You won’t believe me if I say I’m listening to the Lion King OST.. more specifically ‘The Circle of Life’. Because Disney incorporated memorable songs for everyone c:

    • melludee

      I can’t imagine anyone who “hates” music !! (Weird people if they really do)
      Oh I do like me some Jazz but I feel like I need the right atmosphere to listen to it (ie. not in my room whilst I stare at a computer screen haha) And that IS weird but so cool!! Maybe you have some sort of special gift where you the ability to read ..people …uhm haha. Alsooo, I have a lot of Disney OST on my computer too! High 5! I especially like Aladdin songs the best.

  • At the moment I’m listening to Simple Plans ‘This song saved my life’ as today’s kinda shitty day and I should actually be studying right now but blah. ^^
    It’s always nice to be named after something special. My real name is ‘Michelle’ and although there are some songs with this name, my parents decided not because of them but because my mum liked it. lol I was a nameless baby a couple of days :3

    Have a nice day ♥

  • Mei

    I love the Bee Gees, I’ve
    been listening to their
    music since I was little..

    Currently into Ed Sheeran
    muse.. I love his voice!


  • I’m one of the K-poppers. Korean pops. Ha!

  • rae

    really cute pictures and i love music as well so much – i mostly listen to indie and electro but i also love stuff from my childhood like punk, oi, oldies, and good ole 90s music.

    xx rae

  • melludee

    You and your rap tsk tsk… <3

  • Kitty

    Hahaha other people finally found your secret messages! I have loved them since you started :D At the moment, I love Four Year Strong and All Time Low, but my favourite band is Brand New :D

  • Aw Melody is a nice name! :D
    Hmm I don’t really have a favourite band… I just listen to whatever I like haha.
    I’m currently listening to AAA’s Perfect. c:

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