A Short Story Christmas

There’s only a few days left till Christmas!!
I’m incredibly excited as it’s my favourite holiday hehe.  Anyway, as most of you know I’ve been working a lot these past few weeks. I can definitely say that although work can be tiring, it is so much better when you’re selling beautiful products with amazing co-workers/friends ! ♥ So yes, today ..I shall introduce this wonderful company: SHORT STORY!

The Eastland Team of Girls! (L-R) Sharon, Ness, Me, Maggie

With heartfelt stories behind each hand made products, Short Story gives meaning behind a gift ♥
So here’s a quick look around the pop up store I work at in Eastland Shopping Centre, and hence a sneak peek in to the hard work that the amazing production team (Wendy!) has to accomplish to ensure we’ve got stock to sell!

Scroll over the images to read a bit about each beautiful product!! ♥

100% Soy Wax Candles

Handmade Origami Bookmarks (Pictured: Cranes)

Button Earrings

Paper Flora

Small Glass Lanterns (ft. butterfly lights)

Definitely keep in mind that I have missed out quite a number of products and styles!
For example, the picture of the Signature Frame below is only one of many wonderful frames we sell! ♥

Signature Frame: Hiragana

Paper Bracelet/Necklace (Not pictured: Paper Earrings)

Yellow Lily Leaf Lights (ft. Candles) / A lot more colours and styles available

Handmade Cards

Children: Happy Face Lights

Medium Frame: Pretty Dresses

Mixed Animal Lights

Selling these amazing products is not healthy on myself – the temptation to buy is so strong!
In fact, I’ve already bought quite a number of their products including their bookmarks, cards, lights, flowers, hope in the box and um … hopefully no more ….until I make lots of money and move out to my own house where I can decorate it with their signature frames (definitely need the Hiragana and Hokusai frames!!)

Short Story is also actually having a Christmas giveaway on their Facebook now – so check that out!
And for those who live in Victoria, come visit us at Eastland, Knox, Southland, Northland, Fountain Gate and Doncaster!

♥ ♥ ♥

Have you bought your Christmas gifts yet?


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15 comments to A Short Story Christmas

  • Oh how beautiful! I’m rarely in those places but the next time I go, I will definitely check it out! I am so tempted by everything~!!

  • Mei

    What a wonderful store!
    I love the origami stuff c:
    I actually giving handmade
    gifts to friends this year!
    You and the co-workers looking


  • Ah wow such beautiful products!!
    yeah i can feel the temptation as well, if i worked there too > <
    It's good that you can have friends as coworkers, alot of places where i worked, there were alot of bitchy girls who i had to work with = = not a pleasant work experience.. but all for the sake of money LOL haha!

    • melludee

      Oh I know what you mean!! I’ve had the experience before where I’ve disliked my coworkers so I feel super happy that I can get along with these girls !! ^_^

  • these are all such pretty products :3 love those button earrings especially the owl and geisha ones haha so cute!! if I come down to Melbourne again I’d love to check out the pop up store. congrats to you and the rest of your team Melody with what you’ve achieved- absolutely love your range!

  • B

    Everything looks so quaint and pretty!! You even made the scoll-detail thing over each photo to make me wanna just jump on a plane to Melbourne to buy everything! Soy Wax candles sound amazing, I mean, when was the last time packaging came with tassels?! How adorable!! I’m really loving the oriental, origami products, especially those button earrings, they’re way too cute. And the face lanterns :3 Those bracelets look so awesome, how cool to be working in a store full of charming perks :< I'm amazed to hear you have the self-discipline to control yourself, I may have emptied out the store along with my wallet haha… did I speak too soon, save it for your own place hehe

    • melludee

      I knowwwwww! The packaging is almost as good as the product itself! ( I was so tempted to buy a candle just for that tassel AHHA xD) and eeeee, do you want anything ;) ? I’d totally send you anything !! (we also have an online store though hehe) and eeee I have spent quite a bit there already ahhhh ;-;

  • Nessa

    Short Story is definitely a friendly environment =D Work not for the money but for the enjoyment and memories here! teehee~

  • MELLUDEE <3<3<3<3
    Long time not read yourblog, but I'm back ♥ Just in time for seeing these gorgeous pictures, I love all of them!Such cute ideas and they're really good for christmas! (^_^)

    Love, xxx

  • melludee

    Theyre so cuteeeeeee :3

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