2012 in a Nutshell

Wahhh~ I can’t believe it’s nearly already 2013 !!!
This year was definitely an interesting year! Due to mistakes/problems caused in 2011, this year led me to mature and deal with said problems. And although I would have preferred not to have gone through that, it definitely helped me grow a lot as a person. I think 2012 was definitely the year where I really found my own standing in life.

A photo taken at the start of 2012 yet it seems just like yesterday :'D

I learnt that I am important, and my needs can come first once in a while.
I’ve always been a little shy and afraid of confrontation – I would rather let someone walk over me than deal with a problem. But not this year. I learnt that taking a standing for yourself is a good thing! It doesn’t matter if the other person may hate you forever because good friends wouldn’t do such a thing to you. Learning to cut off people that bring you down is the best thing you can do for yourself! (and I recommend it to anyone in a similar situation!)

With my blogger babes: Sue, Eleanor, Myself, Jennifer (Questjen!!), Min and Shirley ♥

Having an awesome day with Gerrybaby! x

With some pretty cool people on my 21st birthday :')

On that note, I am extremely happy with the friends I’ve made in 2012!
It’s amazing how your life can change when you’ve got good friends surrounding you. I’ve grown closer to a couple of old ones, made some new ones, and of course ..met up with my blogger babes every once in awhile :’D !

Favourite posts of 2012: The Anti-Wishlist, 3 Colours 3 Personalities, Happy Chinese New Year, Certain Feminists, Manifest 2012, Melbourne Blogger’s Yumcha, AGM: Retro Gamers, Valentines Day and Blogger’s Life

How was your 2012?

Random: Vu and I were supposed to watch a movie a month (recommended by Jennifer) ..I think we managed to watch like 6 before we stopped haha! (1. Arietty 2. Chronicle 3. The Hunger Games 4. The Avengers 5. Dark Shadows 6. The Amazing Spiderman) Eh. Well, I guess that resolution kinda failed hehe! But we’ll try again next year :’D

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