Le Birthday Haul

Hello! So uhm, my birthday was in October and this is an incredibly late birthday haul.
Regardless, I knew I had to do this before Christmas and definitely before 2012 ends!! So this is a blog post dedicated to every single person who gave me something for my birthday ♥ You guys are seriously the best!! Lub you!

Ahhh, so this is my beloved collection shot which is missing 1 or 2 things !!
Can I just say that I am blessed to be surrounded by such loving and thoughtful friends/family? Seriously! This may have been my 21st birthday, but I definitely feel spoilt rotten by my friends – especially a few that I won’t name! (♥)

So, let’s talk a little bit more about each of these special gifts!!
Hopefully I’ll be able to remember what I wanted to write since it was like 2 months ago! But yes, I was surprised that I loved every single gift that I received and enjoyed every bit of my 21st birthday ! (See posts here and here)

(L) From Mummy: 2 x OPI sets, Alannah Hill Bag, Laura Ashley Jacket, Shirt, Rose Necklace, Beyonce Perfume
(R) Brother: Minnie Mouse OPI, Notebooks, Pens and Gold Belt

Ashley, Cindy & Lawrence: My Melody Kigurumi, Lolita, Dracula, Dorian Gray, Hair Clips, Time Turner and Jap Snacks

And it seems that my other Uni friends had similar ideas when they both the following gifts hehe
(It’s just lucky they didn’t both buy the same kigurumi haha! But I guess I could just use my Time Turner to fix that hehe)

From Awesome Uni Friends: Rilakkuma Kigurumi and Tiffany & Co Necklace (Heart with key) ♥
(They’re both so warm/fluffy!! Ignore me and my strange short hair in the photo above! And yayer my first Tiff&Co!)

Andddd, from my other wonderful and extremely good looking friends haha

Khanat: Box of Macarons  |   May: Cool Stationary  |   Joyce: Heart Necklace
Celine: Awesome box of Accessories   |   Jennifer: Package of loveee | Aunty: Necklace and Earrings
(HS Friends) Irene, Tienyi, Winnie, Sheryl, Bhav & Lynn: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Anyway, thank you again to every single person who gave me something!
I seriously love you all and want to give you the biggest internet hugz everrrrr ♥

What has been your favourite gift ever?

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