Monthly Noms: October

Eep. I’ve been cooped up so long during exam period that I’ve forgotten about food ;A;
Luckily, October was quite a fun food month! Since it was my birthday, I had the opportunity to try a few different places thanks to the boyfriend! So yes, here are a few delectable food pron for your eyes to feast on hehe 

Also, I’m going to start linking each of these food photos to their respective Urbanspoon page (if they have one!)

BIRTHDAY LUNCH: DIY Bento (Teriyaki Tofu, Miso Katsu, Sukiyaki Beef ) @ Shyun

BIRTHDAY LUNCH: Soy Milk Korokke @ Shyun (Doesn't taste that good)

Si Señor Schnitzel Wrap Meal @ Schnitz

Meatballs and Mash Potato @ Ikea

Ferrero Rocher Cupcake @ HS Cakes

Pork Katsu Ramen @ Maguro Japanese Restaurant (Don't Recommend)

Teriyaki Chicken Don @ Maguro Japanese Restaurant (Don't Recommend)

Crispy Vermicelli & Rice Noodles in Egg Sauce @ Ho Chak Malaysian Seafood Restaurant

Assorted pastry @ La Brioche (Recommend!!!)

Delicious Noodles @ China Bar Signature

BEST DESSERT @ China Bar Signature

Definitely envious of my October’s nommy photos comparison to my eating adventures lately!
Since it’s been the terrible exam period, I have not been able to go out and eat anything delicious ;~; Hopefully this will be rectified soon when the boyfriend and I are free to eat something other than a quick maccas or sammich!

On a random note, I can’t believe Christmas is next month!! Need to start planning presents ;A;

Savoury or Sweet?

I like eating sweet ..and then savoury! Tastes better the wrong order.

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