Le 21st Birthday Partay

As you lovely people know, I turned 21 about a month ago!
As turning this certain age is a milestone of sorts (despite it not really meaning much in Australia), I decided to celebrate it with some pretty awesome people. I had quite a number of venues sought out for this event, but the thought of blowing so much money on this made me cringe a little, so I chose the next best thing – somewhere pretty ♥

I wanted somewhere that I could hold a private party, provide food and good interior (without costing $1k+)

So, I ended up choosing Rainbow Karaoke, which were well known for their exquisite rooms.
The karaoke, in itself, did not really matter to me (although it was a bonus); but rather the room was wonderful! I thought it’s size was perfect for the amount of attendees; while having plenty of seating, pretty lights and a stage!

But yes, as pictures do speak a thousand words, here are a couple of photos from the event! ♥

Decided to wear this simple one shoulder black party dress that I bought from Asos! ♥
I was incredibly pleased with the lighting!! Look at how amazing those multicoloured lights at the back are *_*

Also I would like to say a humongous thank you to Cindy, Lawrence, Irene and Vu for writing and presenting wonderful speeches ;A; (*I feel like uploading them but not sure if I want to embarrass both you ..and myself) ! And  a huge thank you to everyone who came and made my 21st birthday an incredibly memorable experience!! ♥

I feel incredibly blessed to have met each and everyone of my incredible friends!

Is turning 18 or 21 more important?

In Australia, you can legally buy drinks, vote and club at 18. Yet, I still think 21 is more important …

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32 comments to Le 21st Birthday Partay

  • Sue

    What a gorgeous dress and venue! I only just turned 20 yesterday but people are already talking about their 21sts and stuff and it really sucks for me because my birthday is always smackbang in the middle of exams :( And I would really love to celebrate my 21st given that I haven’t done anything for like 3 years already due to exams but the fact that I have to wait until end of Nov for everyone to finish exams puts me off cos then I feel like it’s not really a bday celebration anymore!!!! So then I just cbf. But I do feel that 21 is more important than 18, I mean when you’re 17 you get so excited to turn 18 but when you get to 20 you’re much more mature and over the novelty of clubbing and all that so 21 seems like a bigger milestone to me! Wow I wrote so much. PROCRASTINATING FROM EXAM STUDY CLEARLY – I have 3 this week, why am I even reading blogs LOL

    • melludee

      Happy belated Birthday (again heh) ! <3
      And ugh, I understand that feeling! I remember in high school, I'd have to make my birthday parties a week or two early (term break) so that people wouldn't be like "sorry studying for exams" :I ! BUT YES, you should totally do something!! Maybe ...have slightly early :/ ? And yeh, having it too late sucks :( ! And loolool, turning 18 didn't feel much different ..cos we were still in high school maybe LOL! AND AHAH, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS YOU ADORABLE PERSON <3 ! x

  • You look great! The venue too!

    I think 18 is more important here because then you can learn how to drive (car, motorcycle, truck etc..) and if you like drink alcohol. :]

  • When I was searching for venues for my 18th I nearly chose rainbow karaoke haha
    I think turning 18 its like the doorway to adulthood and turning 21 is just a more mature one :)

  • happy belated bday Melody!! <3 the first picture is so sweet :) and you look like such an adorable anime character girl! the dress is really pretty too and suits you well. Love the beading around the waist :) and I think 21 is more important than 18. I'm sure lots of people start drinking before 18 anyway! And there's something about being 21 that carries with it so much more maturity and wisdom. I think 18 is still kid age!

    • melludee

      Thank you love!!
      Ahaha that dress was impulsively bought at 3am one day lol! Oh yeh, 18 is definitely still a kid’s age (in my old eyes hoho) ..probably because most of them are either still in high school? And ahhh, time to start acting mature ;;

  • Mei

    AHH I am a terrible friend
    for forgetting your birthday,
    how stupid! So for this I
    need you to send me your post
    adress so I can grand you my

    The pictures are really great
    btw, nice light and color c:

    I think I liked my 18th
    birthday more, not a kid nor
    a adult, lols


    • melludee

      You are not a terrible friend at all!!
      And eee, you do not have to send me a gift ! :( That is far tooo kind ;A;

      Aw, I didn’t really like my 18th :(

  • Belated Happy Birthday!! Ha, I’m just a tiny bit late… ( – 3-)
    Looks like you had a really good time! ^^
    Um, I’m really not sure if the 18th or the 21st is more important…
    Personally, for me though, I think the 18th would be more important – we Filipinos hold huge 18th parties! ^w^

  • Wow, those photos look amazing! The lighting is lovely and the backgrounds add to the whole ‘night’ feel, ahah.
    Glad you had a great time celebrating your twenty-first, Melody!~

  • Such a gorgeous dress on you, Melody. Hope Vu spoilt you rotten, which I’m sure he did. And the pictures look great! x

  • Awww Melody, I wish I could have been there too! You look RADIANT!! Ahhhh w< The place you chose is so PERFECT! If you didn't say it was the karaoke place, I really would have thought it was a big bucks place :O I wish we had that sort of thing here, gahhhh! I love love your dress btw, sooo pretty! You look beautiful dear ^__^

    Hmmm… I remember turning 18, but I don't really remember my 21st birthday! In the US you can vote at 18, but you can't legally drink until you turn 21. I would probably say that turning 18 was a bigger deal for me, because I'm really passionate about making sure my vote counts!

    • melludee

      And yes! I was super stoked to have found this place hehe. It’s definitely the BEST looking Karaoke place I’ve ever seen *_*! And and and maybe America does have one – you just gotta look! OTHERWISE, IT JUST MEANS YOU GOTTA MOVE TO AUSTRALIAAA! ;D

      Hmm, in Australia, I don’t think there’s anything special about turning 21 ?
      We’re allowed to do ..everything(?) from 18. Voting, Drinking, Clubbing, Driving etc ? And eee, American politics confuse me!! Although … ALL POLITICS CONFUSE ME ;A;

  • You look amazing & the pictures turned out great! :)

    Umm.. Well in the U.S. you are legally an adult at 18. You can vote, buy cigarettes, girls can enter certain clubs, guys usually have to be 21. At 21, you can legally buy alcohol, consume it in public places such as clubs & restaurants, & you are allowed go into bars. So, I would have to say 21. I prefer hanging out at bars rather than clubbing. Clubbing just isn’t my kind of thing. So, I couldn’t really do as much when I was 18.

    • melludee

      Thank you!! :D
      Oooh, I never knew that about the US! I assumed everything was at 21, because all I knew was that you couldn’t buy alcohol until you were 21! And yeahh, everything would have been legal for us at 18! Although ..I’ve never been clubbing ..nor been to a bar xP Maybe one day!!

  • awww happy birthday!! for me, turning 21 was a bigger deal haha, but turning 18 was huge too because it made me feel like an actual adult, rather than just a teen in high school. :)


    • melludee

      Thank you!!
      Aha, I don’t think I felt like an adult when I was 18! (Despite legally being one!) ..whereas, I feel …more older now at 21 :P haha

  • melludee

    That’s trueee! ..but now you’re old >:D

  • B

    You and Vu are just so picture perfect! :) I hope Rainbow Karaoke is as colourful as it sounds, I see hexagonal window panes, I like, I like. Black dresses never fail, you look absolutely gorgeous and classy! And Vu matching with his black trench, what a dapper couple ^_^ For a second, I thought you had an arm tattoo in your second last photo but it was the watermark hahaha. Aw, that’s really sweet that your friends made a birthday speech, you must’ve felt so flustered O//O I don’t like thinking that ‘age is a milestone’ but whichever age you make it to be, you can make it your own milestone :D

    • melludee

      Thank you! And yesss, all the lights were multicoloured and alternated between colours constantly!!
      And ahaha, maybe I’ll get a tattoo one day – but not anytime soon! Probably not on my arm either heh. Oh speeches are always so embarrassing .. when giving them and receiving too! Eeep. That’s a good way to see the age milestone debate! I tend to think that … every special age is …a milestone :P (16, 18, 21, 30 etc heh / I think I just want more reasons to celebrate xP)

  • 18 is the most important age, because you can vote. In fact, in Australia, you become legally obligated to vote. This mandatory participation in the Australian democratic process is an integral part of our nation and confers a degree of legitimacy onto our elected representatives and government that countries such as the US lack. In casting our vote, we preserve the democratic freedoms which our forefathers fought and died for, and continue them on for generations to come. Turning 18 is therefore more than becoming an adult, it is also gaining the means to make, for most people, the first meaningful contribution to society as a whole.

  • […] I loved every single gift that I received and enjoyed every bit of my 21st birthday ! (See posts here and […]

  • Becky

    Hi there,
    I was looking up places for my 18th coming up soon, and I’ve been eyeing Rainbow Karaoke, and I came across your blog. How many people did you have, and how much did it cost you? I’ve never been to this karaoke place, so I’m not sure how great the karaoke is :/ Is there a range of songs (ie. a lot of english songs?)

    Sorry this is so random. But any comments on the place would be great :)♥

    • melludee

      Hi Becky! :)
      I had the ‘Party Room’ which I think is the biggest (or spacious at least). If I recall correctly, it was $18 per person but I had to make a 10% deposit when I booked it since I had about … ~30 (?) people. I think it could hold up to 40 – well at least, this room could! Oh but if you book for 30, you still have to pay for 30 regardless if 10 or 29 people showed up :/ With the $18 each person gets a meal / drink though which is pretty awesome! Meals are like fish&chips, noodles, rice etc. I had it from 1pm – 6pm which is the “Happy Hour” or whatever you call it time – after that it starts charging per hour or becoming a lot more expensive! The songs are alrightttt – it had the classic English songs like Backstreet boys etc. I doubt it’d have anything really new (but stuff like Lady Gaga etc would be on it). So it wasn’t terrible and we didn’t run out of songs to sing at the very least! I hope that helps answer your questions!! Feel free to ask more if you have any :) xo

      • Becky

        Thanks for all the info. One last thing, do you happen to know what restrictions they have with 18ths? Because I’m going to have people that will still be underage at that time, will they still allow us to order alcohol for those who are legally allowed? Thanks :)

        • melludee

          Hi :) I’m fairly sure under 18s aren’t allowed in at all. Each one of us had to present our IDs before being let in to the premises. You might want to give them a ring and ask about any exceptions though!

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