I’m suddenly taller

Hello dear internet lurkers and fellow procrastinators!
It is that dreadful time of the year again (exam period eek) and I hope that everyone undertaking exams at the moment is well! Special good luck to all the Year 12s who are about to graduate and take their final exams for high school! ♥

Anyway, the wonderful boyfriend took these photos last week (with my neglected 40-150mm)
I was quite excited since these are the first photos of my beloved JC Litas!! For those who don’t know, I am rather short (151cm) ..so wearing these puts things in ..a different perspective, to say the least haha. But yes, these are the best! They aren’t painful or hard to walk in at all (especially for clumsy old me) so they are my new favourite shoes!

BM Police Box Dress, YesStyle A-Line Skirt, Metal Belt, JC Lita, Tiffany&Co Necklace, Pandora Bracelet
But yes, apart from feeling exceptionally tall (or rather ..normal heighted heh) I was also wearing the wrong outfit for the weather eek. It was hot and wonderful Nylon accompanied with extra layers of the skirt and stockings ..plus boots! were making me hot like crazy. But alas, vanity kicks in, and I convinced myself that I needed to take photos in the sun before driving home and changing in to a t shirt and shorts haha. But on that note, I seem to do this often :/ As in, misinterpret the weather forecast and wear something …incredibly inappropiate. (Wore the thinnest jacket and a dress on a super cold, rainy day once because I thought it’d be warm sigh – safe to say I was sick the day after ;~;)

Oh, I’d like to point out that the boyfriend seems to be improving in his photo taking ability!!
Uh ..not that …it was ..ever ..bad heh (shifty eyes). Either way, I’m quite happy with these photos so yay! But yes, there are quite a number of blog posts lined up (always seems to happen during exam period geez) ..so hopefully I’ll be able to churn them all out methodically. I am trying to break the outing type posts with random ones in between so it is not too ..repetitive. Oh! And I do have an incredibly large giveaway coming up in November yayyy!

Uh, anyway, this seems to have been a rather pointless post apart from being vain.

What are your favourite shoes?

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41 comments to I’m suddenly taller

  • I want JC Litas!! But I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk in them properly haha, I really want to try it out one day :) I love your outfit as always, so cute ^^

    Hehe I’m also going to be having a giveaway in November, high five!

    Anyway good luck with exams, I’m sure you’ll do very well because I know you’re a smart one :D I’m dreading the upcoming exams argh ><

  • Tam

    OMG I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT MERODI! You look great in the Litas. This look suits you so well :)

  • Gosh! I’ve been eyeing them and maybe in a pastel pink, but I haven’t seen really JC litas in that. Only fakes… don’t know the quality in comparison to the real ones. They look amazing on you!

    • melludee

      Ooh really? These are the most common JC Litas !
      But hmm, I’ve seen both fake and real …and they is a difference in quality! Maybe not so much but these definitely are the best :P

  • Melludee! You look so good! The shoes are awesome and I think I ordered some similar ones from daisy street :D they have’t arrived yet though… (¬_¬) Love your hair as always :)

  • I love wedges that I can run in/walk in/squat in, etc! You get the picture. I like your red hair, it is so long and healthy. : )

    Crystal | crystal dots.

  • Vu shall become a photo pro one day! Not that his photos were ever bad! haha. I THOUGHT THAT WAS A DRESS! `-` It looks great! and your hair looks realllyyy awesome. +_+

    Good luck on your exams! and just reading that line about year 12s taking (I was about to type revenge for some reason HAHAHA) exams made me cringe a little. IT SEEMS SO CLOSE BUT YET SO FAR aaaaaaaaaa. Anyway, good luck on exams! ♥

    • melludee

      Ahahaha HE BETTER BECOME PRO (for me only hehe)
      And ahh, well the blue bit IS a dress(!) just tucked underneath the skirt :D And thank youuuuuuuuu!


  • omg the JC Litas are so gorgeous! A friend said it was a bit painful to walk in if you didnt wear the right kinda socks..? is that true? XD I want to get me a pair, but idk if i’d be seen as tall or average height! D: its a very cute outfit!! It just sucks to hear it was a bad day to wear that selection of clothing XD I know how it feels! :)

    • melludee

      Oooh, I think I know what your friend is referring to!!
      Wearing these Litas with just stockings felt slightly uncomfortable because the top of the boot was hitting at my anklesss! But if I wore socks on top of the stockings, then it felt perfectly fine! And hmmm, you should try them on!! I felt taller ..but in reality ..became a normal height person :P

  • Most my blog posts are vain and pointless heh ^-^’ I’ve got nothing to blog otherwise, lolol… well nothing I feel like blogging otherwise.

    Cause I’m 5’4 if I wear heals like that I look super tall >.< I don't like feeling like an amazonian women, hahaa :)

    I'm bad about dressing wrong for the weather, it's been soo warm here but I've been dressing like it's cool outside… just cause it's fall time here & I feel like I should be able to bundle up a little :/ southern California is too warm for me.

    My favorite footwear are boots, I love-love-love wearing boots so much!

    • melludee

      Hahaha! These definitely make me feel crazy tallll (even though I’m only 151cm xP)
      And aw, it’s still being cold here too despite it being Spring !! :( But gah, hate when I dress wrongly for the weather ;~; ! And yessssssss, boots are the best!!

  • Love them JCs!! My mom walked past when she saw your shoes and she said those were pretty. =D

  • Sue

    You look so pretty! Tempted to get the Litas but seriously, I will be a freaking GIAAAAAAAAANT monster if I wear them hahaha!!! How tall are they? I’d probably be like 180 or something LMFAO

    • melludee

      LOL sue! HMMM, I think they are maybe 8~10cm ? NOT SURE. MELODY IS BAD AT MEASURMENTSSS!!! But I am *nearly* Vu’s height when I put them on :D

  • suuuuuper gorgeous! :)


  • adorable!i really like your hair color :D


  • omgzz they look so good on you!
    but, bet i’m still taller than you with them on LOL

  • Definitely love these on you! I love feeling taller as well … but in the same time I enjoy being naturally short. xD; There disadvantages to being short but I’ve had a lot of good come from it!

    My favorite pair of shoes are definitely these pair of Bodyline creepers I own.

    • melludee

      Ooooh yess! I agreeee :D
      Despite liking the feeeling of being tall (and the whole nicer looking legs when wearing heels deal hoho) .. I actually like being short too *_*! It’s like …small and petite feeling? And ohhh, I have been meaning to get some creepers!

  • […] Outfit: I’m suddenly taller »    […]

  • melludee

    Boots are the best type of shoes!

  • u look kinda sophisticated :)

  • B

    Yay to Litas! You’re wearing the Tardis dress gahh so pretty! It really accenuates the colour of your hair too :) I’ve heard great things about how comfortable they are, I’ve only tried them on and felt way too tall like I was on stilts haha but I’m glad they’re you found them to suit :D Oh gosh, nylon outfit on a sunny day must’ve been quite uncomfortable x_x But the photos paid off very nicely! Australian weather is pretty unpredictable and bipolar anyway, the things we have to deal with down under. I think my favourite pair are these Lipstick boots which are just black and pretty slick so they’re versatile enough. Don’t you just love boots! Haha :D

    • melludee

      Haha, I did feel so talllll and everything around me looked tiny! Even though I’m sure … I looked like an average height person! xP But yesss, the tardis dress asoifhasf <33 best ..but yeh ..nylon in Summer wasn't that great ;_; maybe wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't worn the skirt/stockings though? And yesss! Boots are my favourite *__* (makes me sad that I can't always wear them in Summer!)

  • Are these the photos where your boyfriend purposely took angles to make you look fat? If so I don’t see it. haha Although I must say I’m most attracted to your belt!

    And ah.. exam time… T^T I just finished and I swear I’m busier after than during or before. >< I WILL TAKE YOUR LUCK THANKS.

    • melludee

      Ahahah, they’re from the same day!! BUT I DIDN’T POST THE FAT PICS xD
      But they were pretty much upward(?) shots that accentuated mah fatteh chin lolol ! And eeeeeeep, being busier after sucks :( But I think I will be toooo eee

  • daisymay

    Aww your outfit is so cute and the shoes really are amazing!
    Daisy Dayz

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