Monthly Noms: September

“Wake me up when September ends”
Can you believe that it’s already over? October is here meaning there isn’t much time left for 2012!
Anyway, on with the proper post! I realise that many of the things I ate in September were not photo-worthy (fast food/takeaway), hence these pictures are pretty much taken in the final days of September (midsem break)

Assortment of sushi @ Yamagata Japanese Restaurant (buffet)

Wafu Steak @ Yamagata Japanese Restaurant (buffet)

Mexicana Burger @ Captain America's Hamburger Heaven

No.26 (Deep fried boneless chicken with special home made sauce on rice) @ Straits of Malacca

Gyutan (Ox tongue) @ Yamagata Japanese Restaurant (buffet)

Tonkatsu @ Yamagata Japanese Restaurant (buffet)

Chicken Schnitzel (Ham Parmigiana) @ Airstream Cafe

Cream Korokke @ Nuts-chan

Tonkatsu Bento @ Nuts-chan

Yup! And there we have the end of September’s food post!
It was rather expected for me – nearly all Japanese food!! Haha. But yes, I actually super recommend going for the Yamagata Japanese Restaurant buffet! It’s pretty good in my opinion, and not that expensive! It’s so rare to find Japanese buffets too so this was a good find! (Let me know if you know any other good ones in Melb!)

What is the last thing you ate?

I ate a small slice of white lotus mooncake …about 5 hours ago (so hungry right now but it’s 3am)

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