The Anti-Wishlist

As you can see, I recently wrote a wishlist which can be seen here.
However, I was recently talking to a friend about this, and we both agreed that it’s quite hard to list things we want and even harder for people to use as a guide. We then started speaking about things we did not like receiving as gifts (since it was her birthday recently and mine is next week). And hence, something special was born ..

→ The Anti-Wishlist ←

Which is pretty much a  list of things that you would not like to receive.
And after thinking about this further, I think this list is probably far more important than the normal wishlist. Why? Well, I think you would rather receive something not on your wish list this than receive that one thing you just hate receiving.

Yes, I am all cool and stuff on my throne of plushies oho

1. Plushies I guess this was pretty easy to guess considering the above photo
I have way too many and I really do not have any more space for any more at all!

2. Food Not that it is necessarily a bad thing …
However, I like to keep everything I receive for memory sakes. And I can’t very well do that if I’ve eaten it all haha!

3. MoneyUnless this is from an elder ..or as a wedding gift
I’m not really sure if many people feel the same way? But I find that giving a friend (who is about the same age as you) money is a bit …unthoughtful? And it kind of seems like you didn’t put much effort in to it.

4. Clothes Actually I really do like receiving this but I have my reasons..
Unless you’re my mum or personally shopping with me, I don’t think most people know what type of styles I like, what looks good on me or what my size is even. The outcome can be quite disastrous and awkward for me.

5. Vouchers/Gift Cards of anything you can think of ..
I’ve received a few of these in the past and I’ve kind of disliked everyone. (Especially cinema tickets..) Mainly, when I receive one of these, I now must buy something from the store. Which involves me choosing out my own gift and …everyone who knows me should know I love surprises. Hence, it kind of ruins the experience for me.


However, to be clear, if anyone gave me one of the above items – I won’t be annoyed.
In fact, I’m pretty appreciative  of anything I receive from anyone. Considering, it’s not something I’m forcing anyone to do except my brother ..and the bf wahaha. But with that being said, these gifts just won’t be something I’d be particularly overjoyed about receiving. (but really, I legit have no more room for any more plushies… ;A; )

What’s on your Anti-Wishlist?

Also my love for taking photos =/= me wanting to receive a billion photo albums + frames (I seem to get this a lot..)

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53 comments to The Anti-Wishlist

  • oooo I know what to get you now… a bigger bed…. for all the plushies :p

  • An anti-wishlist, how unique! My list would definitely be similar if not the same as yours hehe~ I agree with your reasons :)

    I have the same pink tofu plushie by the way xD

  • Omg that plushies thing is the exact same thing as me. I have two drawers full of them and I don’t have the heart to throw them away :'(

  • Xinny !

    You’re pimping with all those plushies ! xP

  • rindtron

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: You look like a gangsta with those hundred or so men, I mean, plushies backing you up!

    LESS IMPORTANTLY, BUT STILL IMPORTANTLY: I like the idea of an anti-wish list. It doesn’t round it down, but it does mean that awkward thanks can be avoided.

    Surprises are the best gift, huh? :3

    • melludee

      And yessss, surprisesss! Which makes the whole anti-wishlist thing better, I think? At least, it’s still a ‘surprise’ without worrying that it’ll be a ..bad surprise!

  • Hey Melludee! You photo on the plushies throne is awesome! It’s been ages since I’ve last written an entry here but I always enjoy reading your posts. Take a look at my current post (scroll down to bottom of the post ;) Hope you’re doing fine! I love your blog!!!
    PS: hmmm… I don’t like to receive perfumes!! (at least not from people who know what I like but it’s always a risk with perfumes ;)

  • Yay plushies! But too many might, indeed, be too many.

    The only thing really on my anti-wish list are cups. Cups and glasses. Throughout the years EVERYONE has found it necessary to provide me with those things, and now I’m practically drowning in mis-matched sets. I plan moving out in a couple of years, and while having a hundred different types of cups and glasses (and plates and cutlery too, come to think of it) might be charming when you’re entering uni and start living at dorms, it isn’t when you’re well-past 18 and are developping a somewhat more “adult” sense of decoration.


    • melludee

      Yes, far …too …many ;~;
      And AHAHA, at least …you’ll be well ..stocked up if you ever have a tea party haha! But really, I don’t understand the thought of giving cups. I’ve been given cups once or twice before and it wasn’t particularly bad ..but I’ve never ..used them …once. Ahahaha

  • Mei

    So nice to post an anti-wishlist!
    First of all I aaalways appreciate
    the gifts that people gave me c:
    Even tho it’s just money or some
    giftcard, I am still grateful, just
    like you’ve said!

    Things I don’t prefer to receive:
    – shampoo, showergel and other bath
    stuff, I receive too much of these
    that I actually don’t need to buy it
    for a whole year haha..
    – make up, I don’t use it much..
    – candy, I’ll get fat and rotten teeth :P


    • melludee

      Yes, we must feel grateful of any gift, I think!
      But eeeeep, I think the shampoo stuff can also be on my anti-wishlist. It’s almost like they’re hinting at you that you smell hahaha!

  • My anti-wishlist item is lotions and candles. I’m particular about which scents I like and I feel like I always get vanilla…which I hate. u___u

    What I appreciate? Gift receipts so that I can exchange for something I truly want or need.

    • melludee

      Eee. Getting vanilla each time would suck then ;_;
      And oooh, receipts are good ..but at the same time, I feel guilty if I exchange it :(

  • Such a creative wishlist! and wooow so many plushies but I think I might just have more! LOL

    I would say the same about gift cards unless it’s a bank gift card that I can use as a sort of credit card thing. Clothes from my aunts and parents I don’t really mind or anything unless it’s old fashioned, like WAYY old fashioned. I once got this really thick red sweater with like Christmas trees on them and when I wore it, it was just like, a big fat red christmas bear! My aunt saw the problem though and just returned it hahaha And I agree with you on the money! Money is delicious but memories are better! Same goes for the food. And another thing about money is that you get to see how cheap or abundant(?) the person is by how much they give, but yes, it also shows that they hastened the gift.

    When I give gifts, I like making a big box of just like, a collection of things. For example, for my cousin’s christmas gift this year, I already bought her some slipper socks, fluffy socks, sports socks, mixed candy, mangas and books she’d like, and thinking of buying her a jacket too. It just looks so much better as like a BIG BOX of items that you’d remember instead of like $50 in an envelope.

    I enjoyed reading this post! and I am also now tempted to make an anti-wishlist as well as go off to gather plushies and create my own ‘thrown’. haha :D

    • melludee

      Hmm, I guess a bank gift card is okay but at the same time, it reminds me of the whole ‘money’ / no thought deal. And arghhh I hate hate hatee receiving those ugly clothes from relatives overseas ;; I’m not sure why they would think of buying something like that but ahhhhhh well. But hmm, my mum is usually pretty good at picking fashionable stuff out for me so ..if it’s her, then I don’t mind xD Oh and yeahhhh, a gift can be cheaper than the amount you give, but at least it looks nicer than handing an envelope containing …$10/20 ?

      I wish every one thought like you!! I’m definitely inclined to gifts like that – big boxes with lots of things in it! It’s way more thoughtful and something I’d enjoy lots and lots!


  • Plushi thing is so 100% what I think about :) Super cool post!!!

  • Amanda lim


    I think plushies are on top of my list too!

  • This is such a good idea! I’ve had it happen so many times where people believe “ohh you like cute things right? here’s a shirt with cupcakes on it, happy birthdaayyy”

    and I’m really appreciative but in the same time …
    if only they’d make the effort to find out that i already have a lot of tshirts with cute prints on it xD

    I guess for anti-wishlist would be … clothes definitely, plush dolls (i’m extremely picky with plush dolls and they have to be tiny I don’t like big ones so I’d rather buy my own), and most importantly … perfume.

    I actually welcome makeup just cause I love trying out different brands without having to buy it myself. lol

    • melludee

      Ughhh yes. I get the “You’re Asian, YOU MUST LIKE PLUSHIES! HERE HAVE ALL THE PLUSHIES!!”
      And it’s awesome and all …yet …. what ..with them ;A;

      Ooh, I don’t mind most makeup too!
      But that being said, if it was like …those cheap $2 store type ones .. I would rather not use ..for fear of having like a break out :S

  • Aww that first picture is so cute. xD You have so many!
    I don’t have very many so I love getting plushies. :D
    Mm I don’t really like getting clothes as well. People always get me weird clothes. ; -;

  • Val

    whao lookin’ like a boss in that first pic ;]

  • Lol I feel like adding to your plushie throne!

    Seriously that picture of yours is EPIC!! Too cute for words!!

    I know what you mean by having too many plushies. My bed’s FULL of them and every single one of them were gifted to me. It’s just hard to throw out something which someone gifted to you. I don’t have the heart to do so. XD

    My anti wish list used to be candles and picture frames, but after moving to Aus, I have NO picture frames but I never buy them. I guess I probably should bring some picture frames from KL. BUT then again, I can’t hang the picture frames on my wall. Oh dilemma…

    Seriously I wanna dive into your plushie mountain!

    • melludee

      They don’t even fit on my bed anymore so 95% of them have been exiled in to the top shelf of my cupboard LOL!

      Ohhh, I think it depends on the candle for me! If they’re the really awesome looking ones, then it’s not too bad (although I still wouldn’t know what to do with them). And eee, you should just print out photos and glu tack them on to your wall!!

  • an anti-wishlist is a great idea! Saves some people (mostly the receiver) time on choosing unncessary/unwanted gifts! I agree with the gift card gift, to me, it’s one of the most unthoughtful gifts – even if it’s good for someone to be able to buy what they wants, if it’s a random giftcard (e.g the supermarket)… wtf!! I have so many anti’s on my wishlist, but i think the one thing I hate the most is junk mail (it’s happened before, someone gave me letter box coupons for my birthday).

    Also, does BM clothing fit into that clothes list…? ;) hehehe

    • melludee

      It also saves me from having to lie that I love the gift haha!
      And … yeh ..giftcard to a supermarket is pretty wtfff. Would just give that to my mum or something o_o! && wtfff?? letter box coupons !? I don’t even know why someone would give that …. :S hahahaha

      Oh strangely enough, BM is on that list!
      Mainly because there are lots of items that I don’t actually like ..and only a select few I want to wear. (I think my obsession/craze is slightly deteriorating ;A;)

  • Kitty

    Ehehehe, never really thought of an anti-wish list!! I am not sure I could make one, as I wouldn’t mind things like food OHM NOM NOM bwuahahahaha. I do find it easy to make a wish list though as I always want new books/games/dvds!

    Kitty xox

  • melludee


  • Hmmmm :\ not sure whether I will have my anti-list or not but clothes may be one of them!! Totally agree at no one knows my size excepts me and my mum :D

  • I honestly can’t think of many things that I wouldn’t like to receive. I don’t really mind receiving any of the things on your anti-wish list, except for clothes. Clothes just never seem to work well as gifts because you’ll never know how it will look on the person beforehand. I usually always think gifting money is a good idea. It will avoid gifting someone something they wouldn’t like & never use again & trust me, I put a lot of thought into ppl’s gift before gifting money. Most ppl I know prefer to receive money anyways. Especially when you’re living on your own, it can come in handy at times. I also don’t really mind receiving gift cards because it can help me avoid spending extra money on food or an event & I’ll be able to have more savings. :D Gift cards for supermarkets are nice as well since I usually spend around $90-$120 USD on groceries every week.

    • melludee

      Oh, I think it’s quite different between us two!
      Basically, I still live with my parents so I don’t buy groceries nor have that much expenses. Possibly when I do move out, I might change my opinion? But yes, considering I’m only about to turn 21 and the majority of my friends all live at home too – the experience of receiving gift cards/money seems rather unthoughtful. If you get what I mean? To me, money is something gifted from elder people who already have jobs and families and such – not from the friend you wag classes with!

  • NeNe

    haha you have so many XD and you look so cool between all of them xD

  • daisymay

    What a great idea, it kinda makes sense to say what you dont want rather than the stuff you do. I also think gift cards and money for a friend are just the easy way out. Plus I dont like others buying me clothing, unless its my hubby or parents, others dont really get me! lol!
    Swing by and enter my blog birthday giveaway!

  • adherescence

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  • MH.

    Haha, kinda like this post! I do not like it as well when people present me with food, clothes and plushies – gift cards are quite okay because most of my friends fortunately know my favourite stores :-)

  • lol. those are the things i dont want to receive to! so funny that people give gift cards. there’s no effort!

    new follower here :> btw, i’m having a giveaway :)
    I hope you can join too :D
    here’s the link: ◆ 2,500 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY

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