Wishlist 2012

After much pestering from a certain few friends, I am writing my wishlist for my upcoming 21st birthday ♥
But really, I’m thinking after all these years .. I actually have no idea what I want any more.  It seems that I either want really unrealistic things or things I can actually afford to buy myself? (or things that would be weird as a gift)

Melludee’s Wishlist 2012

Well yes, that was a rather tedious thing process.. I really don’t’ know what I want.
I mean there’s the Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Wacom Cintiq tablet, dSLR, Miu Miu bag ..all things that I’ve wanted for ages mm. But other than that, there’s nothing I really want a lot. Although as always, I’m quite inclined to pretty, pink and sparkly things! (Make up, accessories, jewellery, and other nonsense haha ♥)

It’s weird that because it’s my 21st, I feel like I should choose important things?
But I’m not too sure what these important things are. Tiffany&co ? Pandora? I don’t even know..

What would you want for your 21st?

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