Monthly Noms: August

Hello internet lurkers~ ♥
After that terrible writer’s block, I thought I’d start my September posting with my August Monthly Noms post! Strangely enough, I don’t seem to have lots of photos? I think that’s probably due to either me forgetting my camera or eating unattractive food haha. I really ought to start bringing my camera around more often to fix that problem!

Hm, it seems like there’s lots of meals but aren’t that many desserts in my August noms.

Steak with Calamari, Curly Fries, Corn and Peppercorn Gravy @ Hogs Breath Cafe

Beef Udon @ Jyu Jyu

Upgrade Bento @ Jyu jyu

Fish & Chips Pack @ Hook, Line & Sinker

All le desserts @ China Bar Signature Buffet

$15 All you can eat @ Camy Shanghai Dumpling

Spicy Pork Lunch Set @ Kang Na Roo Korean Restaurant

Beef Rice Lunch Set @ Kang Na Roo Korean Restaurant

So, that post made me significantly more hungry than I was before hahaha ;A;
Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely August and is welcoming September with open arms! Unfortunately for me, I am pretty sick so I’ve been stuck at home rather than frolicking in the nice Spring sun haha.

Have you eaten anything recently?

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33 comments to Monthly Noms: August

  • B

    I think I’m one of the people who you haven’t gone to Hog’s Breath – mainly because I have a small appetite and the meaty portions look large – but never knew they had calamari! And curly fries are so fun to eat haha. Mm udon, perfect for the transitional chilly months. Everytime I order udon, there is a lack of naruto, I’m glad to see yours floating proudly in the stock haha. I find bentos really cute to eat, like a set lunchbox ^__^ and they’re so filling! Woah, that platter of fish and chips looks certainly moreish, but looks scrumptious enough to gobble up without second thoughts. Is that green tea dessert I see? And berry panacotta? They look so delicate and quaint! $15 all you can eat dumplings?! I’m salivating, I’ll bet they were plump in succulent juices! When I saw the spicy pork lunch, I died on the inside because there was a giant mushroom propped on the top ouo Smothered in spice! I love beef dishes at Korean restaurants, they’re quite sweet and the slices are cut properly thin! The last awesome thing I ate was jellyfish balls (I think that’s what they’re called). Jellyfish takoyaki or something a rather haha.

    • melludee

      Oh! I don’t have a large appetite either so always share with someone! Or get their smaller meals (which are also cheaper xP). And yesssss, I LOVE MY NARUTOs ! Always so sad when ramen/udon lack them :( Oooh and yeh, that’s definitely a green tea + red bean cake and a berry panacotta!

      ..JELLYFISH BALLS sounds actually amazing.
      Well, in a strange way haha! Were they nice though? I feel like I must try this now!

  • Sue

    OMG that calamari……… I live so close to Hog’s breath too!!!!! I’ve never been!!!!

  • All you can eat dumpling restaurant? I WOULD NEVER LEAVE. *O*

  • All the food looks so delicious and I’m getting hungry! (food in microwave) That spicy pork lunch looks REALLY spicy! It’s all red and @_@ That bento looks cool and I’d like one of those, but not sure if a place near me has some sort of thing like that haha but I don’t know if parents’ll like them though `-`

    In reply to your comment, YOU HATE MILK?! O:! I guess I was kind of forced as a child to drink milk and grow which is why it kinda became my daily ritual now to have a cup of milk! It’s okay that you haven’t been commenting because I’m sure uni is waywaywwaywaywayyway more important and I’m also busy with school itself :P

    • melludee

      SPICYYY BUT GOOOOOD! (Me love mah spice heh)
      Oooh, bentos are amazinggg. But that might be me just preferring a variety of food rather than just one? And eeeeughh, my parents tried to force me to drink milk ..BUT I THREW ALL OF IT UP STRAIGHT AWAY ahahah so they stopped xP

  • udon with narutomaki ~ i’d really like to have a try. and yes somehow i have eaten something recently but kind of non-photogenic dishes.. v.v
    ♥ ♥

  • yay :D i’ve been to half these places! and i’m sooo hungry now; thanks melody lol xDDDD

  • So hungry! I really feel like onion rings now. xD

  • Perfect, all of the blogs I follow are sharing their food adventures and I’m getting more and more hungry. Why does everything has to look so yummy! :(

  • Get well soon dear Melludee ~♥
    Had been sick for a couple of days too and it just sucks (~.~)

    Food looks delicious like always (:
    Nice to read you again dear! ~♥

    with love,

  • Udon! I haven’t had some in so long. ;_;
    I always eat so much when I go to China Bar that I can usually only eat one or two thing for dessert. xD
    Ooh all you can eat? O: I must go haha.
    Yaaay now I want some Korean food. :’c

    • melludee

      Oh! I counter that by …eating dessert first LOL ;A;
      And I wouldn’t recommend the $15 place if you’re looking for the besttttt food but it’s still not that bad!


  • I was smart and didn’t come in the post until AFTER I ate. hehe ^____^
    The first picture is probably my favourite. The calamari looks absolutely delicious and I’m going to try to recreate it actually!

    nom nom nom

  • melludee


  • Lol at eating “unattractive” food! I’ve been meaning to bring out my camera more for blogging purposes too! Let’s do eht, Melludee!~
    Wow, I was guessing that Jap food would show up, followed by delish desserts and I was right! We seem to like similar food, hurhur.
    Hope you feel better soon! Spring is so in-your-face with its warmth lately, haha.

  • OMGG the desserts from China bar look so nice!!
    and the fried dumplings look so good too! *droolsss*

    In reply to your comment, the La Belle Miette at chaddy is right in front of Lisa Ho. :):)

  • OMG MELODY, STOP EATING SUCH DELICIOUS LOOKING FOODS WITHOUT ME! ;__; UGH I wanna go to Australia SO bad!!! That beef udon is like, making me want to cry right now LOL.n

    salkjfr4lU^($8q5 THAT ALL YOU CAN EAT– omg the food looks absolutely DELICIOUS for an all-you-can-eat restaurant! :O One day I WILL come visit you in Australia, and I will come back 20 pounds heavier. XD

    • melludee

      And lolooll, all my friends that went to America say they come back fatter!! SO MAYBE YOU’LL BECOME THINNER HEREEE? IDK HOW THAT WORKS LOL

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