Manifest 2012

So, the long awaited Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) has finally come and gone!
However, unlike previous years (, I only got to attend on the Sunday due to work and uni :( ! Either way, I was still excited to be going with my friends ♥ And of course, finally be able to wear my Alice Madness cosplay!

As I said, this year, I decided to cosplay as Alice (Royal Suit vrsn) from the game Alice: Madness Returns
I’m not completely happy with the cosplay .. I feel like I should’ve done even darker make up and fix a couple of annoyances. But other than that, I’m quite pleased that my hobby horse turned out quite well – not perfect but well considering it’s the first prop I’ve ever made yay! It’s made of wires, papier-mâché, styrofoam and plastic ~

(Note: I tried not to smile since my character is rather serious ..but it’s so hard to around your friends!)

So, I’m pretty much a derp during cons when I have friends around haha
Hence, I don’t have very many nice photos of myself and my costume. I also didn’t realise my dress rode up for half the con ..and thus, looked like a stupid person -_-” But no matter, hopefully I’ll be able to cosplay this again!

I think I’m going to always have a prop whenever I cosplay now haha
It is so much easier to pose for photos when you have a prop! When I was inside the trader’s hall and without my horsie, I felt super awkward because I didn’t know how to pose or what to do with my hands aha. Also, quick shout out to my lovely boyfriend for taking awesome pictures all day! And to the rest of my friends for the great company ♥

Have you cosplayed before?

To see more of my photos click here

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