Monthly Noms: July

Ahh, I definitely ate out a lot in July compared to June haha
Mainly because we were on holidays for half of it, so Vu and I took this as an opportunity to eat lots of yummy food! The only problem was that ..I ..forgot to bring my camera so many times haha ;A; So yes, I should probably point out that everything here is over a course of a month so please don’t think we go out to eat like every day! (We wish..)

Also, warning.. pictures may make you want to eat your computer screen.

Fondue for two @ San Churro

Wagyu Beef @ Snag Stand

Spicy Spanish Chorizo @ Snag Stand

Assorted desserts @ Beau Monde International High Tea

The best sandwiches @ Beau Monde International High Tea

Spam the dessert @ The Kitchen Workshop (Buffet)

Zhajiangmian (I think..) @ Raramen

(So called) 'Okonomiyaki' / Pancakes @ Teppansan

Karaage and Harumaki @ Teppansan

Berry cheese tart from Bonjouk

The 'Christine' and 'Rubi' cakes from Laurent

Vu and I hardly ever eat dessert, so I made it my mission to eat more desserts last month haha!
Also, as I said .. I forgot to take my camera out on many occassions so here are a few iPhone photos (even though I absolutely hate posting pictures from my phone.. what’s the point when I have a better camera, you know?)

Chicken Wrap w Curly Fries @ Hogs Breath / Choc Pizza @Max Brenners / Bento @ Jyu jyu

Ahhh, so that definitely was a food porn overload hehe ;)
Oh! I should also mention that whatever food pictures I post on my blog, I do recommend unless otherwise stated ;) So yes, I hope your month will be filled with lots of delicious food too!

Do you eat dessert after your meal?

I find that Vu and I are usually too full after our meal to eat dessert. So, it’s best to eat it beforehand ;)

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