Oriental Teahouse Giveaway

Hello hello wonderful bloggers ♥
Firstly, thank you for all your kind posts on the previous post! I will attempt to draw more hehe.
Anyway, I have another wonderful tea to taste from the wonderful Oriental Teahouse! This time around it’s a refreshing herbal tea named ‘Calm & Concentrationand there’s an opportunity for you to win a packet yourself! ;)

Longan aril, crstyal sugar, green tea, mandarin orange peel, Chinese dates, chrysanthemum & wolfberry fruits
All these lovely ingredients make up this wonderful tea ..and don’t they sound enticing?

Anyway, this is definitely my type of tea and with the added bonus of “aiding memory function and enhancing concentration’ ..I think this just might become my new favourite tea (since I’m so forgetful) ;A;

So how can you win a box of this lovely tea?

1. Like Oriental Teahouse on Facebook
2. Leave a comment below stating what type of tea you like!

And ta~da! You will be in the draw to win a wonderful box of tea ♥

Although I must mention that this is only open to Australian Residents as I would like to avoid customs and I’m pretty sure tea isn’t allowed to be sent to certain countries :( Sorry International Readers!!

Giveaway ends on the 1st of August
♥ ♥ ♥

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21 comments to Oriental Teahouse Giveaway

  • Anna

    I love love milk tea and also any iced teas :D

  • rindtron

    OH, WHERE DO I STARTTT. <:o I like Lady Greys in the morning (I also like them in the afternoon and with macarons <- they go surprisingly well with these sweets!), milt tea with honey or caramel syrup in the afternoons and chamomile at night. I'm so typical, haha. ^^;;

    The combination from the photo you have up there IS enticing! Though I cannot imagine what kind of tea it'd be from the ingredients…

  • Mei

    Now I want to make my
    own Chinese tea with
    herbs and stuff =w=
    I love wolfberries,
    they are so good c:


  • Mmm… tea sounds nice right now!
    I know that I can’t join in the giveaway, but I like black teas. I enjoy adding milk and sugar that’s why and green teas taste better plain!

  • Haha, while you’re drinking tea there’s food appearing in the background. :D Its not a post by Melody without food appearing somewhere!

    Yaay, you’re making gifs of yourself. *-* MAKE MOREEE

  • It looks really nice! :D Love the gifs too, how about a tutorial? :]

  • BT

    That’s the prettiest bag of tea I’ve ever seen.

    That said, it’s not something I actually need. Plus I deactivated my Facebook some time ago.

  • Ooh yummy. Looks nice. :D
    Haha I’m pretty forgetful as well. ): Also I could do with better concentration during my lectures. xD
    I love milk tea and fruit tea! With lots of sugar haha.

  • shw

    I was given a beautiful packet of tea from Oriental Teahouse from my daughter for Mother’s Day. Would love to try this Calm and Concentration tea

  • CindyC

    I love Fruit tea especially peach tea

  • I usually like black teas or green tea. I love anything that has a citrus aroma or taste. Pretty much i love all tea (thanks to the many boxes of tea from every time i head into a tea store. I actually would really like to taste this because of study and placements (primary education) because sometimes you need a nice warm hug from a cuppa and according to the website this is supposed to help stimulate this.

  • Amalia Carroll

    I always have and always will love there jasmine and vanilla tea it is the most amazing this feels like my tastebuds are dancing and having a party on my tongue. Most. Amazing. Thing. end of story.

  • Woaah, that gif looks great! And ah, I love that Oriental Teahouse packaging – so elegant! I’m such a huge fan of tea – I start off my morning every day with a tumbler of tea. Otherwise I’d end up falling asleep at work. XD
    I would love to enter this giveaway, but alas I’m in the United States. That’s lovely that you’re hosting it, though! (:
    ♥ xixia

  • Oooh tea, this looks like it would be very soothing and calming. Been hooked on tea lately too for some reason! =)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  • cintea

    Teaaaaaaaaa is delicious no matter which one it is. I relish the hot drink on cold nights, chilly mornings, and when annoyingly studying hard.
    As for favourites, I have yet to experience a wide range of teas, but Earl Grey and English Breakfast are always in stock in my kitchen cupboard! Though, I do also really enjoy the Asian herbal teas too…

    “Longan aril, crstyal sugar, green tea, mandarin orange peel, Chinese dates, chrysanthemum & wolfberry fruits”
    Sounds and looks enticingly delicious and sweet. I wonder if it tastes as fruity as it sounds…

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  • I don’t drink tea.

    But when I do, it’s milk tea.

    Mango milk tea.

    With fruit jelly.

    Shaken, not stirred.


    I don’t normally drink tea that much tbh, but every time we go yum cha my parents always get chrysanthemum tea! :D That’s probably one of the only legit tea I know xD

  • I love to drink tea! Black in the morning, and some fruit mix in the evening. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  • Hmmm im not a big tea drinker as im a coffee addict but i would have to say milk tea with vanilla its a strange but awesome combo!

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