Monthly Noms: June

Can you believe June is over already and that July is here?! Eeep
I feel like the year has even begun but it’s already half gone ahh! But yes, here is June’s food post! I didn’t really eat out much in this month, mainly due to exams and eating lots of home food mmhmm. But here are a couple of things that I did mention to eat (mainly in the last week of the month)! Hoping July will be a much better nom month! ♥

..Ugh, I’m really hungry as I type this and it’s nearly 4am blergh. *I should sleep soon*

Naruto Ramen @ Sakura House

Takoyaki @ Sakura House

Fruit Tart from 'Forgot the name of the cafe'

Array of cakes and sweets from National Gallery of Victoria

Scones with Jam and Cream @ National Gallery of Victoria

Something I made! (Filo pastry with cheese, tomato, chicken plus a bunch of things)

The below gif is a delicious pancake with Barramundi fish and cottage fries from Pancake Parlour!
It may sound like an odd combination but I’ve had it for years and I’ve never stopped loving it *___* (so hungry)

Oh! I thought I’d just squeeze this here quickly because everything you eat needs to be accompanied with a drink, right?
I was ever so lucky to be invited to Oriental Tea Houses‘s new ‘Tea Testers Program’ and was sent a lovely box of Peach Melba tea to try out! It is a delectable tea that can be drank both cold and hot, and has a beautiful peach aroma!

Oriental Tea House has a few stores too that not only offer great tea, but also yum cha and other dishes!!
So um yes, I am definitely going to try that out when I get the chance. Who wants to come with?

And yes, here’s just another gif to finish the lovely nommy blog post!
The below is the short stack from Pancake Parlour! (with Vu pouring all le syrup everywhere hehe!)

What’s your favourite drink to go with your meal?

When we’re being cheap, Vu and I get water. But other times, we’ll go for soda or some iced tea!

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