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Last week, I was invited to go to an amazing event titled #Dlaunch
So what the heck was this #Dlaunch that I kept tweeting about? It was in fact the relaunch of the popular and ten Chef’s hats awarded David’s Restaurant in Prahran! And gosh, what an amazing experience it was for me!

I was obviously extremely nervous as Vu and I entered the place.
I didn’t know any of the other bloggers there and I hardly ever give Prahran a visit. But as soon as we entered the premises, we were greeted warmly by the lovely waiters, waitresses, Grace and even David himself! They were all welcoming and calmed my nerves down completely! (Have I mentioned that I thrive on good service?)

After being offered champagne, we were also offered delicious tea of our choice!
(I should probably mention that David also owns Oriental Tea House – win win!)

Vu and I with the lovely bloggers: Ros, Marnie, Kyrstie and David ! ♥

Anyway, Vu and I were extremely lucky to be seated with three wonderful other bloggers!
Although, we all blogged about different things, they were the best company and I am really happy that I got to meet them! We were all excited about tasting David’s food whilst chatting the night away in the homely atmosphere!

Okay…Are you ready to see all the delicious food from Country Shanghai?
I suggest clicking each picture to see each dish in delicious detail ;)

These here were David’s selected Entrée:

We were actually really lucky and were given 6 quail eggs and the recipe to the recipe on the right !! ;)
I absolutely loved the dish on the left – I love spicy food and it was such a good combination with the beef!

By the way, the DIY shredded duck and veggie wrap was probably my favourite dish of the night mmm ♥
Everything just went perfectly well together mm. Definitely get this if you’re heading to David’s! I insist!! *^*

The ‘Main Course’ meals of the night:

I thought this peasant’s crab meal was ingenious. It actually tasted like crab despite it not even containing any crab!
And that tofu! I generally only like fried tofu but this was actually really really good. Not even lying.

If you know me, you know that I do not eat prawns. However, Vu ate some and told me I had to try some ..which I reluctantly did (I’m not a fan of seafood). Surprisingly, it actually tasted quite nice. I still didn’t really like the seafood taste, but if I was a fan of it, I’m quite sure this would be the dish of the night.

And finally ..the super delicious desserts:

Okay, I said earlier that my favourite dish of the night was the DIY shredded duck …I lied.
That sticky rice pudding was the best! I am actually craving some right now as I look at this delicious gif below ahhhhh.

I don’t think I’ve really had this much food presented in front of me before! But I can definitely tell you that Vu had this glint in his eyes that practically screamed that he was going to eat all of it! Haha. What a cutie :)

All I can say is that, it was a very memorable night and David did an excellent job in making us all feel welcomed!
And really, considering that David’s aim was to create an environment that resembled the locals in Shanghai. To be able to find David’s tucked away in Cecil Place and indulge yourself in simple yet delicious familiar food is something of a treasure in itself.  I find it pretty hard to find myself feeling ‘at home’ in a restaurant, but yet on that night, it was a little sad leaving behind the happy patrons, welcoming staff and smiling David. It was definitely an experience!

Check out David’s Restaurant!

4 Cecil Place
Prahran, Victoria 3181
Phone:+61 (3) 9529 5199
Facebook: Davids Restaurant

Have you tried countryside Shanghai food?

This was actually my first time trying Shanghai cuisine; it was refreshingly different and delectable!

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