Oz Comic-con

So ..this event called ‘Oz Comic-con’ happened about a week ago hmm.
I was actually very excited to be going to this because I initially assumed that it was related to Comic-con International. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bleh. I could rant a whole lot of about why I felt disappointed and regret spending the money for the admission ticket, but I won’t. All I’ll say is that the lines were stupidly long for people who pre-purchased tickets, there was no organization at all, the place was far too small for the numbers who showed up and there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy (well, I did want to buy this HP necklace but it was $85 ..so no, would rather buy BM)

Target Coat, Vu’s Black Sweater, Collared Polka dot Top, Black Milk Red Pyramid Leggings and accessories

So yeah, as most of you know ..it’s Winter in Melbourne at the moment.
So, I was definitely not up for cosplaying ..and I’m really glad I didn’t too since it was raining all day and super crowded in the building blerh. I was planning on wearing a BM Rib Swim and BM Beetlejuice outfit but decided to go with comfort/warmth instead and well yeah, this strange look was born! (Although I took my hair out later as you can see)

Yeah, I know that there really isn’t any proper ‘outfit’ photo in this blog post.
It was freezing that day and I really didn’t want to stand outside for much longer so we only took a few photos.

In other news, Manifest and Armageddon are coming up in August and October respectively!!
I’m quite excited to go to both and will most likely cosplay in both of them yay! I’m sure most of you can guess what I’m going to cosplay at Manifest if you’ve read a few of my recent (frantic) tweets haha ♥

Do you attend any sort of convention?

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36 comments to Oz Comic-con

  • Sorry about the event, that sucks to spend money on something that you felt wasn’t worthwhile.

    You look adorable, btw! I’m so in love with the way you styled your hair & your make up looks very pretty!

    • melludee

      Yeah :( It sucks to pay for something you weren’t happy with!
      And thank you!! It became way too cold to keep my hair up afterwards tho :P

  • WAT. Your bf looks a bit like Shimmy D’:: D Hahahah! Just kidding.. he could totally pass for one!
    AND YOU LOOK SO DAMN ADORABLE WTH. Lemme hug youuuu <3

    I went to one convention (JPOP-CON 2011 in November last year) and boy was I.. surprised.. /disappointed… lol. It was.. awkward.

    • melludee

      WHO IS SHIMMY? Do you mean the youtube guy :o ??
      And yayyyyyyy hugsss! Gimme all the hugs >:D loolll ..and ahhh, why was it so bad D: ? filled with ..strange people D:?

  • Love the bangs, you look so stinkin’ cute! Like a doll.
    Sorry to hear the event wasn’t any good.

  • Aw, I would’ve thought that it’d be related to the international Comic-con as well! What a shame – would’ve definitely considered going if it were! Hope Manifest and Armageddon are better for you~ Can’t wait to see your cosplay outfits!
    Btw, your eye make-up is super cute! *Squishes face*

    • melludee

      I know! *shakes fist* Using the same name to lure us in ;A;
      And eeee, I’m getting excited for all this cosplaying *_*! And nyahah <3

  • Yeah I heard about the melb comicon sucking, as there were so many people and the queues were terrible. We had one here in Adelaide as well and I heard it was merely ok.

    You look so cute though. :D Hope the anime cons go better!

  • Sue

    Oh wow didn’t realise it was that bad! My friends volunteered for it and they asked me to as well but I looked through the guests and stuff and literally knew NO ONE so I was like uhhhh what is this…… so yeah I didn’t volunteer.
    Well you still look adorable hehe too bad the day wasn’t that great!

    • melludee

      Yeahhh ..some of the volunteers were a bit clueless about the whole thing :(
      And it was such a cold and rainy day! But you knew NO ONE? NOT EVENNNN PATRICK STEWART (Professor Xavier from X-Men :o?) haha :P

  • O_O I heard it was bad but why was it so bad?? :o Wasn’t it at the Showgrounds? Was it that crowded? Do you have pictures?? X3

    • melludee

      It wasn’t at the Showgrounds :(
      It was at the Melb Convention centre which was quite small inside the room they had everything in. The lines were really really really long – some people had to wait for like 2-3 hours just to get inside :/ And I guess because it was raining, there was nothing going on outside like how Manifest would have been :( And eee, I took a few but they were blurry and weren’t very good :( They’ll be on FB eventually tho!

  • Mei

    What a bummer about the organization :c
    Oh well, I hope you will have fun and
    a better time at Armagedonn and Manifest!

    I love the pictures of you and Vu ^__^
    So cute!

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  • Ivy

    Aww it sucks that the event was disappointing. D: & omgsh $85 for a HP necklace?!?!! That’s just crazyy :S
    But on a happier note, I love your new(?) bangs! You look so adorable! :)

    • melludee

      I know right!! But it was so pretty and tempting *_*
      And haha, I cut the bangs just before the event on impulse! I’m kind of regretting it now ..but it’ll grow out ..eventually ;A;

  • D: why are you soo cuteeeee melludeeee ! ahahaha

    ooo i can’t wait for manifest too !

    • melludee

      You mean ..why are youuuuuuuu so cute ;))
      Are you going all days? ..YOU BETTER BE COSPLAYING *V*

      • I think i can only go one day this year.. depending how busy i am that week :( stupid year 12
        LOL don’t even think i will have time to cosplay D: unless i buy something soon XD

        • melludee

          Me too :( I can only go on the Sunday cos of work on the Sat ;;
          But do an old cosplayyy :D ? Or just the ..last min maid which everyone does when they cbb LOL xP

  • melludee

    Yeah :( Oh wells …looking forward to the next ones baby :D

  • Your hair is soo long and pretty :D!! Shame about the convention being a disappointment you look super cute haha XD <3

  • You & your boyfriend are so super-duper cute ♥♥ Such a nice couple! (^_^)

    Really like your hair this way :3 Well, actually I always love your hair, but that’s really cute :3
    I normally don’t attend any conventions as I’m not that into manga / anime / games and so on. Wanted to go to Paris for Japan Expo though but couldn’t go due to health probs :/ Well, next time maybe :3

  • Aww that’s a shame, because the Comic-con in the US looked really fun! I haven’t been to Manifest in so long, but I always love shopping for cute plushies :3

  • Aww well, I’ll guess I’ll have to wait to see your cosplay! How do you curl your hair? Your hair is longer than mine but I can’t seem to get a curl to last long and it always takes me SO long because I JUST HAVE SO MUCH. ><

  • Aww even though you didn’t cosplay, you still stand out dressed like that (* v *) Your hair is seriously crazy long! Love it!!
    Wow, I haven’t been to an anime convention in years :o Feel too old to cosplay. I’m quite excited to see your cosplay outfit! You always have nice outfits!!!

  • Awh! sorry to hear that it wasn’t a good convention. At least you were comfy and warm! Your pigtails looked really cute though! Those pictures you and Vu took look cute too!

  • OMGG melludeee you look so CUTEEEE with bangss!! shieeeet <3
    your like a japanese doll DAMN <3

  • Your hair is sooooooooo beautiful! ♥

  • melody you look like a doll!! so pretty :)

  • your hair grew so long *Q* very pretty! can’t wait for your cosplay pics in future :’33
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  • You’re looking pretty as always! And omg, you’re so lucky its winterrrr. ;-; I wish it was atleast breezy here in Fl.

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