Blogger’s Life

Being a blogger isn’t easy as most people think it is.
Some people would think that a day in a blogger’s life would just include a few photos being taken, type up a quick post and ta~da! But alas, I am sure most of us can agree that it takes more than just ..15 minutes to publish a blog post. I even admit that it takes me around 3-4 hours just to publish a blog post (not inc photo taking..)

Yup, this is an old photo and that isn't even my camera I'm holding ..but this I kind of look like this ..most of the time?

So yes, here are just a few (exaggerated) illustrations of what being a blogger is like for me ♥
Disclaimer: All artwork belongs to me and were drawn on le iPad

So ..this is exactly how I feel like right now. Just a few days ago, I was wondering what I was going to blog about because I wasn’t doing anything interesting and hadn’t taken any nice photos. And now suddenly I have so many things to do ;A; What’s worst is that I don’t like spamming blog posts so this will take a few weeks ;;

And ..a few problems that occur when Vu and I go out to eat..
Although, I should mention that Vu doesn’t get annoyed when I take ages taking a photo of our lunch or anything! So yay for an awesome and understanding boyfriend hehe. Taking food photos with anyone else is much too troublesome..

Ahem. Yes, I can be quite vain sometimes ehe. But I think you guys get what I meant?
I feel like I am obliged to take photos when my make up and hair looks good! Because is so rare to find me wearing contact lenses, falsies, and the whole make up business thing. Always grasping the opportunities!

..and this is why I hardly have pretty outfit photos
But seriously the heck do you guys manage to stand in front of randoms and pose and look pretty and eee?! It’s just so damn awkward! But yes, this picture will explain why the next one happens haha.

If anyone ever wanted to know what I look like when I’m blogging…this is it.
Yup, I’m actually wearing this exact pyjamas right now haha. But urgh, yes ..this always happens. No matter how many photos I take in a day ..I’ll probably only end up liking 2. Although, as you can see my dilemma ..this is probably due to the previous point I made. BUT, this happens all the same with other photos too! Bad lighting, blurry photos, wrong angle…

But yes, I hope you enjoyed my crazy (exaggerated) illustrations about my blogger life..
I’m nearly positive that nearly all of you will agree with at least one of my points! I can’t be the only one!! Haha ;)

Tell me something about your blogger life

I might do another post with more illustrations …when I can be bothered sitting on my bed for hours drawing on the iPad.

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77 comments to Blogger’s Life

  • hahaha, I really enjoyed this post!!!
    It’s exactly showing what a bloggers life looks like. Especially the food scene…sometimes even strangers ask me “uhm sorry..why are you taking photos of your food?” – embarrassing

    • melludee

      Oh gosh ..whyyy would they ask ;A;?!
      Thankfully I haven’t had anyone ask me yet ..apart from some friends who just look at me strangely ;_;

  • Your illustrations are amazing! And cute ^^ I wish I could draw D: My blogger life is very similar to yours – takes me hours to write and then there are pictures to choose, edit etc! I rarely wear makeup with circle lenses and falsies so whenever I do, I mustttt take pictures xD Lots of them hahaha

    • melludee

      Yess! I hardly ever do the whole make up thing when I do, I feel obliged to take LOTS and LOTS of photos ..especially when I know I’ll probably only like 2 ;A; ..need to increase the chances of me not looking like a derp hehe :P

  • omg i feel the same wayyyyyyy babe!
    you’re such a good artist, all that on the ipad?!
    but yeah the photos LOL. i take so many and then end up with two i really like..

  • your pictures are so cute. I totally understand what you mean, especially about taking pictures of food it’s just so awkward when people look at you >.<

  • This blog describes me! Haha, all of these have happened to me but I have it’s something we have to deal with. I’m trying to fight the urges to eat all the food before taking pictures, some times it works others it doesn’t xD

  • I love your illustrations with the captions, Melody. I reckon you should include this in more of your future posts! Love it. Keep it up! x


    Cartoon Vu looks so innocent and adorable. It’s like, unsuspecting boyfriend has to adjust to blogger girlfriend.

    Btw what app do you use on the iPad? Cause drawing on the iPad is so fuarking hard I might even go back to traditional medias >:

    • melludee

      He has to adjust to me or else mwaha >:D

      And these pictures were done on SketchBook X ! (free version)
      But I’ve also used Notability – altho that costs and isn’t really for drawing xD

      (Get a stylus = IT DOES WONDERSSSS)

  • Your illustrations describe the EXACT sentiments so many bloggers go through! :) So TRUE! Sometimes blogging can look effortless, but it can sometimes take hours.

    Fine illustrations!

  • Sue

    LOL omggg this is sooo true!!! It’s funny how you have heaps to blog about but instead you blog about a blogger’s life LOL. You are so talented in art btw!

    • melludee

      LOL I know ;__;
      But thankfully this was one of the things I’ve had to blog about that’s like one done ….out of a billion ;A;

  • The first two food pictures describe me precisely! Lighting is my biggest concern – and although I can make do with white sheets of paper to adjust the white balance, I rely heavily on good natural light … ooo and I generally hate flash for posting purposes as well.

    Another thing I do is spend a lot of time on Photoshop. It’s a problem when I edit the same photo *slightly* different and have a difficult time deciding which one to post. I hope that’s not just me … hehe but I love drawings, would love to see more!

    • melludee

      Yess! I rely so much on natural light because I hate flash photos bleh. They look so terrible and eeek. And ahah, I do it too! I usually put the two photos next to each other and sit there pondering which to use :C

  • Haha! I enjoyed those pictures a lot! You’re drawing skills are way better than my skills and I think you expressed blogging life pretty accurately!

    I’ll be eating with my parents and see that the food looks delicious so I take out my phone to take a picture … awkwardly of course.

    Also when I’m getting my pictures taken, it is exactly like your situation. The smile feels right for the first five seconds … I feel awkward now … -picture gets taken- ASDHGIKAHGISDKHG TAKE IT FAST AHH D:

    You make me want to rethink getting an ipad `-`

    • melludee

      Yahh ;A; ! And when people start staring at you and you’re just like STOPP LOOOOOOOOOOOOKINGGGGGG ;AAAA;! Guhhh. Silly poopie people :(

  • Sigh that is exactly the life of a blogger and with the growth of other social media sites…it just makes things 10 times harder.

    Mine is like:
    1. Take photos
    2. Edit lighting if needed
    3. Upload to Flickr
    4. Code on to blog post
    5. Write blog post
    6. Post on blog
    7. Upload OOTD images to Lookbook & Chictopia
    8. Upload FB page & G+ with link to site
    9. Upload OOTD image to Instagram
    10. Tweet about new blog post


    • melludee

      Oh gosh – yes!
      I totally forgot about that point! All the things you gotta do just to get a blog post done is crazyyy ;__;!

  • hahahahah THIS IS SO AMAZING OMG. This may be my favourite post. I love your drawings, holy!!!
    So, I totally feel your pain about posing in front of strangers. I feel extra awkward because sometimes I’ll be in some crazy get up and EVERYONE stares. It’s awkward and it takes me a few to get mentally prepared but truthfully I turn into a different person in front of a camera. haha

    Ah~ I want to do this too. Maybe you’ve started a tag! ;)

    • melludee

      Thank youuu :DDD !
      Ahhhh, I know what you meann! Especially when you’re cosplaying, and people are staring and you’re like ;A; STOP LOOKIN AT MEEEEEEEEE WAHHH. But hehe, I’d love to see you do one!!! Link meeee if you do it ;)

  • Haha you’re totally right! I always feel so. Blogging when I look pretty, blogging when it’s so random, but when I have no time, I have so much interesting stuffs to blog~! <3 Your doodles are great, draw more! Haha <33 xx

    • melludee

      Yeah! It seems like when I need to study .. I have billions of awesome ideas of what to blog about! But when I DO have time …nothing ;___; and thank you <3

  • Mei

    Hahah! Oh Melody, this
    is so recognizable!
    Totally the same with
    taking pictures of food!
    Yay for Vu for not getting
    angry or impatience c:


  • I love this post! :D I can really relate too it! XD

    For me outfit photo’s are easy, I use a selftimer, crop my face and after a few months of doing so I don’t need 70 photo’s but I have a few that are good out of maybe 20 now. Plus being pro at photoshop comes in handy too! :D
    Love love love your drawings! Reaaally cute! :3

    P.s. The little bar below where you could sign in with GFC to post a comment is still there but it’s blank? I cannot login anymore! D:

    • melludee

      Ahhh, that is such a good idea !
      Maybe I should start taking photos without my face ahah.

      And eee, I didn’t realise it wasn’t working :/ Thanks for letting me know! I’ll see if I can fix it ..but it might be because GFC doesn’t work on non-blogger sites anymore :(

  • I agree completely! The amount of time and energy that goes into each and every blog post would surprise most non-bloggers. It’s not an easy process.

  • Omgggg omggg ommmgg

    This applies to EVERY blogger I believe. :( Its a handful, especially when you’ve been busy with stuff you can’t even blog about AND you haven’t had time to dress pretty. ANNNND even if you do dress pretty sometimes you don’t even have time to take pictures! or even good pictures at that.

    My dilemmas are always

    1. Thinks of an idea for a post — AT WORK OR SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN HOME.
    2. Forgets it when I come home. “Oh, I’ll post it tomorrow where I have more time.”
    3. A week or two passes by.
    4. “OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THAT IDEA AND MORE POSTS I WANTED TO MAKE.” *has all these accumulated photos/ideas”
    5. And then the rest is similar to your setup. The whole picking 1 or 2 pictures out of the million, trying to sit there and put your ideas into words, etc.

    • melludee

      YEAH :( It’s even worse when you really know you should take photos of your outfit but then you look at the lighting of whatever place you’re in, and you know the photos will look crap you don’t take it. Or when you’re around people who don’t take photos and then you just don’t end up taking any :(

      and LOL! My solution to that dilemma is to write it down immediatelyyyy. Although sometimes, I’m in bed and lazy Ill be like “eh..I’ll remember it” ..but no, I don’t ;_;

  • LOLOLOLOL I love this! It’s exactly as your pictures describe it! Sighhhh, life of a blogger =.=

  • lolololol, love this blog, and so true.

    Like you, my camera comes with me almost everywhere! Your quite the artist btw!

    I love food, eating it, looking at it, thinking about it, lol… but I usually start munching on it then feel it’s a little late to take pictures of it -.- & I feel awkard taking pictures of my meals in restaurants… I never see other people taking pictures of their food :P! But I’ve put a lot of picture of food I’ve eaten while out on ‘’ so it doesn’t stop me really.

    When I have makeup and a cute outfit on I feel like I NEED to get pictures so I have something to blog about… my husband has to take so many pictures of me! lol, thankfully he’s pretty much use to it and tries not to complain, haha. But like you said, it can feel uncomfortable… wondering how to pose, especially if other people are around. If they are strangers I don’t feel as funny as when it’s friends or family…. oh my, then I pretty much freeze up and feel extra funny trying to look pretty for the camera. There has been times when there was A LOT of people around, like China Town in San Francisco… so many people >.<
    lolol, then going through the pictures, oyy -.-

    • melludee

      Thank youu!
      Ahh yeh! I don’t see that many other people take photos of food ..some yes, but not often :( And eeeeeeeeee, I get what you mean! When I’m around other people and have to take photos’s just a smile ..and like one or two photos. But when I’m around close friends, I start getting psycho with my photos hehe :P

  • AWW YOUR DRAWINGS ARE SO CUTE. I’m totally like that as well when I’m really hungry I’ll just finish half my meal and then realise I forgot to take a picture haha. I always take like 20 or more pictures of one thing and then I’ll have to spend ages going through them all comparing them. ;-; And then sometimes they all look bad and then I’ll just collapse on my bed and take a nap haha. xD

    • melludee

      Yeh! I hateee it when I’ve taken so many photos that I originally thought were good …that all turn out to be horrible ;__; makes me so saddd :C

  • I feel for you..
    My blogger life is pretty similar.
    it does takes a looooong time to write a blog post.
    Though I skip the editing part nowadays..

    my family got used to me taking pictures of the food hehe
    I dunno what my boyfriend thinks about it though
    i dont even think he knows that I blog haha he prolly just thinks that i love taking pictures

    One day youd have no idea of what to write about
    then the next day you have tons of posts to write but dont even know where to start. XD

    LOL I used to like taking outfit pictures or selcas alone. But IDK I really think i gained a loot of weight so I stopped taking pictures of myself and now it feels so awkward. Though a month ago I went to the park by myself with my tripod and camera to take outfit pictures hahaha. Cant help it I was wearing something nice that day XD

    nice drawing btw!

    • melludee

      It takes me soooo longggg to write blog posts ;_;
      Well not so much the writing part, but mainly the editing and all the planning bleh! And hahaha, half of my family is okay with it but my elder siblings are poopheads and hate it :( Ahhh! I can’t do self timer shots in public asoifhaf I find that soo embarrassing ;_; I can do them at home – but then they end up looking bad anyway .. ;A; dilemma dilemma

  • HAHAHA you really captured a blogger’s life really well~ and in such cute drawings too! Please show more of your drawings :3


    I feel the absolute same about food and outfit posts LOL!

  • SO TRUE, UGH! There is so much work to be done post-photography session! Resize, edit, watermark, upload, code into post … Wah. This is why I’m not cut out for regular posting, I haz too many photos, lol.
    I feel the same way about wearing make-up and seizing the opportunity to take photos too! But then I’m unsatisfied with the shots so I delete ’em anyway, haha.
    And aw, this is what you’ve been working on on your iPad! So glad it paid off in the end~

    • melludee

      Wahhh I totally have the same routine!
      Editing takes so long sometimes too :( boo. And ahaha, I’m a bit of a weirdo and don’t delete photos ..even if I look disgusting in them :|

  • Lmao! I totally agree. Blogging takes forever to do. People who dont blog usually dont realize how much time and energy goes into making a good post :D

    keep in touch :)

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    We’re holding a giveaway @

  • BT

    This post is the story of my life. Your illustrations are really nice!

  • ah you are so cute Melody :) your drawings are adorable too! I used to draw on the ipad too. just read that you use Sketchbook …I haven’t drawn for a while so I might try that one out, I’ve been using older apps before so they may have upgraded significantly. and yeah my bf is just like yours in that drawing…he’s just like sitting there anxiously going “are you done yet????”

  • Haha your hilarious :)
    But so true

  • Your pictures are amazing and I can totally sympathise.
    I never take outfit posts for my personal blog outside, I just get too embarrassed!

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog

  • ahahaha, this is so cool and funny! And true!
    I could relate to everything you said/drawings.


    Sandra @

  • it´s really amazing and true!

  • Completely accurate!!!!
    I’ve totally been feeling like all of this recently!

  • Hahha ^-^ I totally adore this post sooooo much! You have done a great job with the illustrations as well. It makes it so much more pleasing to read! It’s wonderful!

    I can also find myself in you x’) And I also always feel awkward when I take picture. I also wonder how other bloggers do that Ö

  • Wow! amazing post, love the way you presented your blogging life and yes, it takes hours sometimes to do one post ;)

  • hahah i loved this post! its totally me as well! take 49354592 and look crap in all T__T

  • im going to murder my blogspot reader manager for not showing this post >:I this is pretty much me every day HAHAH and cute illustrations lovely! :)

  • Hungy

    hahah that was a good post, now we can sympathise with you :)

  • Dearest Melludee ♥
    I just love you for this update!
    Haha, I’m not a good and talented blogger like you’re but sometimes I got the same problems. Biggest problem; food pictures. It’s rarely that I’m satisfied with pcitures in general but food pictures are the worst. Nonetheless I always try again… (^^)
    One day I will be a great food photograph I know! :D

    And you’re drawings are so cute~♥

    And this problem; what are the others thinking of me taking pictures from everything?! Last Sunday I went to Stuttgart with some friends and as we were sitting and talking at the park, a girl came, took pictures of some ducks swimming and a tree and we smiled at each other: “That’s a blogger for sure.” haha (^^)” Well, there are some of my friends who don’t understand at all what I’m doing and some … are doing the same. :D

    Thank you for this lovely and cute post! ~♥ I’m going to read it over and over again :D

  • Haha these pictures are awesome! I can totally relate XD
    Taking photos of food is indeed troublesome. I went to a restaurant once and
    I wanted to take some photos of the food over there.. but I failed a bit because all those people where constantly looking at me lol. I felt like an alien XD maybe I should say next time when I take a pic: Oh so this is what human beings like to eat? Interesting ;)!
    Anyways, taking good photos is a job because sometimes you really need guts (and those photos are oftne the best) :P


  • I really like your post. It’s so true. Sometimes I found it awkward when I am taking pictures when I m out. I have seen a lot of blogs and all I can see is pretty people hangin out all day drinking coffee and having nice brunch.. I am starting to wonder wether everything is always so fabulous.. Or it’s just called the blogging life. Again, nice post! Thanks for sharing :)

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  • You are awesome!
    Please check out my blog if u have time :)

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