Delicious Yoplait

Yoghurt is something that I’m sure most of you have eat and love!
So, when Nuffnang announced that their Product Talk was going to be Yoplait, I jumped at the chance! So, if you’re familiar with Yoplait, you would have noticed that their packaging has changed and looks so much cuter! They’ve all been reformulated so that they actually contain real chunks of fruit in each! (Also with a whole bunch of new flavours!)

Anyway, I was sent a picnic rug, frisbee, hat and a few other things in hopes to go on a lovely picnic!
Alas, it is freezing in Melbourne at the moment, so I thought of the next best thing. A fort styled picnic *-*! Except can’t really see my fort all too well since I’ve cropped the photos, plus didn’t use that many blankets :(

So yes, this right here is $30 worth of delicious Yoghurt! I bought as many flavours as I could find!
(Although .. I did lean towards the berries more hehe. My favourite is definitely the Blueberry Yoghurt *___*!)

I bought a few 6 pack ones and two 1kg tubs! Currently ..half of what you see above has been eaten :P
I’m also bringing the mini tubs to work every Saturday to share with Vu! Yay! It’s such an easy and healthy little snack to noms on. And those real chunks of fruit inside each tub makes them so much better to eat nom ♥

Oh and if you noticed, I decided to try something different with the yoghurt!
I decided to make them in to icey poles! Hehe. They taste infinitely better in this form by the way ;) ..even if it is Winter ..and I have to eat them near the heater lol! But yes, to make these I just scooped whatever flavours I wanted in to the mold..and froze them! (Although I experimented with one and poured some lemonade in it..yet to eat that one haha)

What flavours of yoghurt have you tried and loved?
Have you tried Yoplait’s ones?

I definitely like Yoplait’s Blueberry, Raspberry and Apple&Cinnamon!

Product Talk by Nuffnang

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36 comments to Delicious Yoplait

  • Tam

    hahaha cute a fort style picnic. I’m actually going on a road tip and picnic this sunday. If it rains then we have to eat in the car :(. I like to layer my yoghurt with fresh berries and turn it into parfait. I also like to have them frozen haha. YUMMM if only we have some at home atm.

  • So creative and cute!! Haha Yoplait use to be my favourite.. then i went on a very unhealthy eating style T___T i might jut try out the blueberry one if i find that flavour here ^^

  • NOMNOMNOM. I actually really dislike normal yoghurt ): The texture is too funny for me and makes me want to throw up.

    But I LOVE frozen yoghurt.

    -runs out to Ikea-

  • omnomnom i love yoghurt, especially frozen yoghurt.
    you are so right about melbournes weather, its terrible

  • Sue

    Ooooh haha it’s so cute they sent you all those items for you to have a picnic haha! Shame you had to do it indoors but so cute.
    I’m actually not a huge fan of yoghurt… not really sure why. I do like the ones with fruit inside though. But not passionfruit, hate those seeds.
    I love froyo though nomnom probably cos it’s pretty much ice cream/sorbet texture hahaha!

    • melludee

      We can use the items for a future blogger picnic :P!
      Mm, I get what you mean. I’m not the BIGGEST fan of yoghurt, but the fruits make it taste nice! And ahh, I still have yet to try froyo D:

  • Ivy

    Yess, the weather in Melbourne sucks right now ): Your fort idea is so cute though hehe! Love it! :P
    I’m kind of craving yogurt after seeing your post… I haven’t had any in ages because I see yogurt as more of a ‘summer’ snack- maybe I’ll go grab some soon though!

  • I LOVE YOPLAIT! Tried others and it’s not as yummy~
    Makes me hungry for yoghurt ice cream hehe
    your fort looks awesome :D

  • I love and eat everyday strawberry banana flavor. I love anything and everything strawberry banana flavored. I don’t know if this is a matter of being from different countries but my yogurt packaging is not like that at all. I wish it was as cute as yours! and I think I’ll try yogurt pops now. I never tried it before. `-`

    You’re making me hungry for lunch now! I’m in school right now hahaha. Lunch is two hours awayyyy OTL

    • melludee

      Ooooh strawberry banana sounds nicee!
      And ahhh, I think the packaging used to be a little different? But I find that packaging is quite different in Australia compared to other countries most times anyway!

  • This is my childhood! haha Making yogurt pops! Yoplait especially was my fave yogurt brand too :P

  • eating under a blanket fort makes it so much more fun, especially if it’s with your beau. i always love eating my yoghurt frozen but the weather’s been too cold for that lately :(

  • NOM NOM NOM! I love dairy products but my stomach doesn’t handle them very well :C boo!

  • melludee

    Eeee, pure yoghurt sounds yuckyducky D:
    And um, sorry about forgetting to give you some today :(

  • LOL OMGGGG I was JUST saying yesterday how I wanted to make a fort after seeing D.W. make one on Arthur!!! XDDD Mmmm maybe I should make one under the dinner table lol I’LL NEVER GROW UP O_O

    I haven’t had yogurt in a while, but now I’m craving some! We have that other brand, in the green packaging in the fridge.. I can’t remember what it’s called, but I want some more unique flavors! I had no idea there’s an Apple Cinnamon flavor! :O I reallyyyyy want to try Boston Creme Pie! :DD Oh, and I’ve never tried mango! Sounds SO yummy!! Frozen yogurts are DELICIOUS btw <3 My mom used to buy Go-gurt all the time and always throw them in the freezer during the summer. Super yum! :D Let me know how the lemonade yogurt comes out, I want to try if it's good! XD

    • melludee

      FORTTTTTT! They are the bestttttttttttttttttt :DDD
      And other brand? Hmm .. I can’t think of the other brands atm ..Skii ? D: And oooh, there are other flavours too (in the non-classic Yoplait) ..likeee “Cheesecake” and “Sticky Date”! Hahaha. It’s so strange but yummy! And I AM YET TO EAT THE MANGO ONE MMMM. Oh the lemonade one turned out okayish! Like ..wasn’t that much of a difference because I didn’t put that much in it xD

  • BT

    The only thing I like from Yoplait is their Go-Gurt. They’re so much fun to drink out of and they always have those tacky jokes inside.

  • DAMNN so yummy loookingg xD wouldd love to try that out, especially in ice form! .__. perfect with the warm weather here ^^ but i guess they dont sell that too here :C

  • haha this is so cute! definitely too cold to host a picnic outside, but the indoors fort one is just as good, if not cosier and better! I love frozen yoghurt so I agree, yoghurt in icy pole form is yummier :)

  • Apple and cinnamon sounds so delicious! Unfortunately, I don’t think we have that in the USA yet. ):

  • hello <3,
    sounds so delicious, i hope they'll sell one in indonesia! :(
    What a cute blog anyway, i hope u don't mind i link you in my blog. have a nice day ;D

  • Mei

    Mhmm yogurt!
    You could start a stand
    and sell yogurt Melody :P

    I love yogurt in the
    morning with muesli and
    chocopops <3


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