Sparkly Nails~

I have ..quite a thing for sparkly nail polish!
It’s very hard for me to pick a matte nail polish over a sparkly one ..just because I’m attracted to all the glitter and sparkliness *__* ! So when Maggie from KkCenterHK asked me to choose polishes out of the X&D and EBALAY range, my eyes immediately spotted the sparkly and shimmery ones hehe! As you can see, I love glittery things! ♥

When they came in the mail, I was super stoked to try them both out!!
The X&D Shiny silver polish was excellent, it had a long thin brush making it easy for fine application! The EBALAY Golden Blue Iredescent was just a  very shimmery opaque colour, even after multiple (~5) layers! It’s colour is a bit hard to capture on camera ..but it’s purple-blue ish with gold in it? When it’s on its own, it looks like this.

(One coat, two coats, and … multiple coats because it was taking too long ~)

So it seemed obvious to me that if I wanted a nice colour, I’d have to layer it over a base colour!
They reminded me of galaxies I picked (L-R) Ulta3 Pearly Grape, Ulta3 Hollywood and Australis dark blue/black.

I couldn’t get a clear photo because my camera wouldn’t focus I made a short video/gif instead heh! But yeah, as you can see brings out the respective base colours. I quite liked the really dark one the best, so I decided to go with that colour for all of my nails! Yay! Although, I think a really dark purple would be nice too ..but I’ll try that next time.

At this point, I decided to put the silver polish on the tips of my nails as well ..just to have a combo look!

But look at that! It looks purple in some angles, yet blue in others :) Ahh! The colours are so pretty that I couldn’t even capture them properly on camera eep. But yes, as you can probably tell, I really really like this combination of having it on top another colour! And the glittery silver polish just works so well with it :’) ! So much love for glitter!

So yes, I would definitely recommend both of these nail polishes! ♥
You can buy them from here and here!

Do you prefer sparkly or matte nail polishes?

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