Monthly Noms~

Hello! So, it has come to my attention the boyfriend and I eat out a lot!
So, taking the idea from le awesome Sue, I have decided to hold a ‘monthly noms’ (food) post, where I just post all the photos of the food that I have eaten for that month! (This will probably encourage me to take my camera out more heh) But anyway, so here goes the first post (which will be for the past 3 months or so, just so I can ‘catch up’) ♥

You might be able to spot a trend in the type of food we like to eat ;)

BBQ Pork on Sizzling Plate @ Big Mama

Korokke @ Big Mama

Part of my A-la-carte Banquet Take Set @ Yokohoma Teppanyaki


Quite bad Malaysian Bento @ Petaling Street

2 for 1 Short Stack @ Pancake Parlour

Takoyaki @ Uzu

BBQ @ Shinssi Hwaro Korean BBQ

Pan fried dumplings @ Shinssi Hwaro Korean BBQ


What is something you’ve eaten lately?

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