Dressed for High Tea

A group of friends and I went out for some delicious high tea the other day!
We actually intended to all be dressed in lolita ..but uh, lack of funds and ..laziness meant that more than half of us didn’t have a lolita dress by that time. Regardless, we made sure that we all came in dresses!

I didn’t want to wear this dress again, because I felt like it didn’t suit ‘high tea’ so I went through my cupboard and picked this Romwe Peter Pan Collar dress that Vu bought for me for Valentines earlier this year. It’s Winter in Melbourne at the moment, so this warm dress was perfect! It was simple, yet I loved it! And the dress is good for twirling in hehe.

So in our dresses, we headed over to the National Gallery of Victoria for some delicious high tea !
I won’t post too many photos of the food ..because I thought it’d be better to save that for my monthly food post ..considering I’ve hardly eaten out at all this month (due to exams) so yes. We each had the ‘Afternoon Tea’ set which was $35 per person. An array of pastries, scones and sweets was welcomed eagerly by all of us ♥

Since so many of you loved the gifs from the last post, I think I’m going to include more and more of them!
I think the next time we go out for some cakes .. I’m definitely going to wear a lolita dress! Cakes are better when you’re in a poofy skirt .. heh. It’s also great being able to take so many pretty photos with the rest of the girls! You can’t really take ‘pretty’ photos with guys! (except for Vu of course, who is ever willing to pose in photos with me ♥)

Do you put lots of sugar in your tea?

I think I put in a little too much sugar in to my tea haha ..but it sure was yummy ♥

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41 comments to Dressed for High Tea

  • Your friends and you are gorgeous lolitas. :D Is there a lolita community in melbourne? ^^ I know that our Adelaide one is pretty fantastic.

    • melludee

      Yup! The girl on the very left is in the Melb lolita community!
      I think it’s quite big ..at least from some of the photos I’ve seen of their meet ups :D

  • Aw high tea :) I love your dress Melly!
    Normally I put 2 spoonfuls of sugar in my tea… is that considered lots? Haha

  • Wow at your friend’s red dress! That’s def what I’d refer to as gothic lolita (right?)~
    The Peter Pan collar dress is cute too! Did you Instagram a photo of it before? *Remembers seeing a similar collar from you on there*
    And omg at your hair length! Makes me miss mine … even though I had layered hair and it didn’t look that great at that length, lol.
    AND hey! You posted this entry before the A.M!~

    • melludee

      I think it’s gothic lolita ..without the harsh make up? I think ._.
      And yeahh! I posted an instagram of the dress when I got home from the high tea haha. Ah, I can’t imagine not having long hair now ;_; I bet it’d feel so …cold :(

  • I like your outfit! It is so cute ^^
    and it depends on what kind of tea I drink, but usually I drink my tea plain just because I am that lazy of a bum to reach for the sugar and milk x) But Ido really like tea with all that goodness in it haha

  • You really look lovely in dresses! ^^ always love how you wear stockings and leggings there :3 how many pairs of leggings you have? All I have seen before all of it are really pretty ^^ And I used to put a lot of sugar on my tea cups, but dad always warns me not to do that because our family has diabetics history :S

    • melludee

      Thank you ^__^”! I have a lot of leggings/stockings ..cos I hate pants ;_; !
      But if you meant Black Milk, I have 13 of those at the moment ^-^”! And ahhh, yeah! There’s a diabetic history in my family too :(

  • OMG REAL LIFE GIF FILE FOOD PORN! T___T; excuse me as I cry for a second… /sobs uncontrollably/ haha! You gotta teach me how you make them so HD! They’re WONDERFUL! And you look so so so cute :’D

    • melludee

      TRY EAT THE GIF FILEEE!!! hoho!
      And ahh, all I did was video it with my camera ..and then convert it in to a gif file using PS CS3!! :D You should tryyyyy :D

  • I love the idea of high tea~ Although it seems a bit pricey.. idk if it’d be filling.. and i love eating XD Is it worth the money in your opinion? I like your dress!! Vu has great taste in picking out dresses! The GIFs are awesome, but the first one is slightly nauseating.. but that’s probably just me XD For my tea, it depends, i don’t like sugar in Asian teas (ones at yumcha for example – oolong), but with European ones (e.g English Breakfast/early grey) I think they taste a bit better when they’re sweeter~

    • melludee

      Hmm, I don’t eat a lot ..so I think it was okay?
      And we got to take home everything that we couldn’t eat – so that was good in my opinion!! And aw, I didn’t realise ;A; ! Sorry! It’s probably the whole focus / defocus thing going on :( ! But yeahh, sugar isn’t for the Asian teas ..but only the English type ones :D

  • Cute dress. I love your hair in the photos. Umm.. I usually prefer honey. For a large cup of black tea with crushed up ginger, I use about 1-2 tbs of honey. I don’t like overwhelmingly sweet tea like many of the store brought ones. Tea is great by itself as well, usually when it’s hot tea.

    • melludee

      Thank you ^-^”! And ooooh, I haven’t really put honey in my tea before ..unless it’s like iced tea! (or ..for when you have a sore throat :P)

  • Awh! You all look so pretty and looks like it was fun!
    I like how you all have the color black in common with your outfits. All of you are wearing black tights I think too.

  • Such an adorable dress, you look so darling ^-^!!
    love the gifs, I watched the the sugar being poured into the tea like five times, then I read you put to much sugar in your tea, my mind had to remind itself that you only poured one spoonful not five, lololol.

    • melludee

      Thank youuu ^__^”!
      And hehehe, the gif is actually of my friend’s cup! And I uh … *whispers ….really did put 4.5 spoons of sugar in ..cos I was feeling a little strange that day LOL! ;A;

  • You are SO beautiful!!!! :)
    I actually prefer my tea to be bitter, so I never add sugar, haha :) but I *love* sugary snacks and cakes with my bitter tea XD

    • melludee

      Thank youu! :)
      And oh woah! I’m too much of a sweet tooth so I can’t drink bitter drinks ;_; ! But mm, having a sweet cake with a bitter tea would be a good combination!

  • If you’re talking about milk tea I usually stick to around 2-3 heaped teaspoons so I don’t look too crazy lol. The more the better imo xD

    Moving on, I adore your dress Melody…it’s so cute and I love how it flares out! I’m also very jealous of how long your hair is >o<" !

    • melludee

      Haha! I think I looked a bit crazy adding all le sugar :P
      And thank youu! I’m just really lazy to cut my hair …and I think I look weird with short hair haha xP

  • I haven’t had the chance to experience high tea but there’s some really great places in Melbourne, I must try it these holidays! I agree, I think high tea + dresses is the only option :)

    • melludee

      Yes! You should definitely try some high tea in the holidays!
      And haha, I agree! I find the notion of wearing pants to high tea a little strange ;;

  • I’ve always wanted to experience high tea, but it’s not as common over here in California. I absolutely love what you wore to high tea and the GIFs are amazing!

  • Aww so cute. :D Yummm… I love sweets. xD Ahaha I always put sugar in my tea. P: My dad always tells me off for putting too much.

  • melludee

    Oh, we’ll eat cake soon! :D
    It’s more for …English tea babe ..so probably why you don’t add sugar to your tea :P

  • Love your dress! It’s really cute!

    No sugar for me in my tea! Just pure tea :3

  • cute dress! I always love to see girls wearing cute dress but I think I won’t wear it haha XD

  • All of you look so cute! ;-; and you’re such a doll! The dress on you makes me want to steal you and hide you in my closet! (Not creepy at all … D: )

    I don’t like the taste of bitterness so I always add tons of suger to my coffee/tea.

    Your gifs look amazing @___@ MAKE MORE.

  • omg such a cuteee dress! :3 <3

  • Miss Anon

    Where did you get those shoes from Melody? They are superly gorgeous!

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