Certain Feminists..

What exactly is ‘feminism’? Google gives me the definition:
The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Disclaimer: Everything written here is my own opinion

If we look at the definition, it simply states that women should have equal rights to men. If this is the case, then why do I see so many self-proclaimed feminists out there screaming that ‘All men suck!’ or ‘Men should be enslaved!’ ? Is it not equally as wrong to put down men, just as some men have done so to women? Is that not just sexism in itself?

I am all for men and women having equal rights in education, work and society.
But the fact is that, there are some self-proclaimed feminists that I could certainly live without.

Seeing a working woman is absolutely brilliant, but sometimes they too can act pompous.
Some ‘feminists’ think that being something as simple as a ‘housewife’ should be shamed upon. Is it so wrong for a woman to love her family and be fine with her husband being the breadwinner? No. Again, it comes down to being able to make your choices. To be a housewife or a mother is no less important than striving to be a working woman. Just because she chose this path, does not mean she is any less for woman equality than you are. If she wants to put on an apron, make her husband happy and care for her children – it is up to her. It’s her own choice.

There is nothing worthless about a woman who prefers to have a family to take care of rather than work.

I sometimes see other women angry over the fact that certain movies do not have female heroes.
An example of this would be the recent (awesome) movie ‘The Avengers’ and about how Black Widow was nothing but a sexy background character who could be Iron Man or Thor’s backup. Apart from those statements being inaccurate; I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. There are other movies to which a woman is the main hero, so I think that if you want to watch something which portrays that, then go do it. Do not criticize a movie for their lack of female heroes.

Women rights are important, but that doesn’t mean you can act so self righteous.

Again, everything I have said is my own opinion.
Feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments below.

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31 comments to Certain Feminists..

  • Holyyyyy shit politics yeah! :)

    I overheard this feminist and her (male) friend walking to the bus loop the other day, the girl was talking about how she doesn’t want to do a job that’s gender specific, how she wants to challenge gender assumptions. Hello, you’re a female feminist. How’s that for gender specificity. Why don’t you go be this amazing male chauvinist? That’d really fuck some shit up.

    • melludee

      You know when I was writing this blog post I was thinking about what you would say about it LOL. But yes, you should have butt in to the conversation saying that!

  • Tam

    LOL Vu you are always the first person to comment! I really like this post and reading about your views :). I’m not too sure what my views on feminism are sometimes but the extreme feminists irks me. Those people does more damage than good because their messages will not get through.

  • BT

    I completely agree with you. I don’t like how feminists act so anti-men. I’d rather be considered a humanitarian than a feminist.

  • I couldn’t have agreed more. It really baffles me when I see or hear extreme feminist groups talk about certain situations (i.e. gaming industry, jobs, etc.) because most of the time all I really end up hearing is “Women’s rights.” It seems like they should just say “Women should always be right.” I don’t know. I just don’t understand it myself.

    • melludee

      Agh, I get what you mean!
      And then for the people who don’t really know much, will have this image that feminists are crazy women wanting to be right in every single aspect :/

  • I AGREEEEE! OMFG. I’m so sick of bitches ranting and whining about how women don’t need men, women are superior and men should be cut like grass and held down cause they think they’re all that. JUST STFU already! ARGH! If you’re a woman, you’re good at your job and you DESERVE the better pay – then yes, I’m with you! But if you’re an annoying-ass feminist, using all excuses in the world to emphasize how fucking amazing you are, then I’m gonna have to slap yo’ face momma good. Some feminists are just… ARGHHHH sit yo ass down dammit!

    • melludee

      Yesss! Your comment deserves a round of applause :’D LOL
      I can’t stand how they can talk about men being sexist towards women, and then turn around and do the exact same thing to men! Eesh. Hypocrites, much?!

  • There are some extreme feminists out there, heck, extreme EVERYTHING. People can be extreme sometimes. I totally agree with your opinion and you have brought a new light to what I thought feminism was.

    You’re completely right, being a housewife does not show that you’re weak to men but shows that you choose to love your family. Being a working woman is great but that’s not what feminists should be rooting for. Feminists should be rooting towards females being as free as males in making decisions.

    On a side note, I love how you used your own pictures to this post that could not have anything to do with pictures. It added a lot to the reading! Usually certain people, ahem me, would get bored reading these things and skim over it but the pictures were brilliant! ♥

    • melludee

      Ah yes. There will always and forever be extremists of everything ..and hence, the stereotypes and generalization occurs causing the rest of us to look bad :( Poo. And yes! Women should not look down on other women just because they chose to be a housewife rather than a working mum! Argh.

      And hehe, I always add (irrelevant) photos ..just because I don’t like wall of texts :P

  • rindtron

    Yeeeep, I agree! And some people wonder why the term ‘feminism’ recieves such unsavoury reactions nowadays…

    Tenrtatively putting it out here, but his equality business should be about women having equal possibilities as men – that is, to make choices on how they want to live their life, be it as a housewife, the breadwinner, or all that is in between. You’d be making an ass out if yourself to censure someone else’s decision just because you would have chosen differently. (On an off-topic, it is a battle for men to an extent as well, to be a househusband… seems like there is greater value placed on earning money and having ‘a job’ in these cases?)

    • melludee

      Rindaaaa! (I misss youuuu!)
      And yes, to be honest, I thought feminists were crazy women before I knew what it really was about. And mmm, I do wonder if it is the same on the other side. I guess househusbands do get um ‘teased’ / ’emasculated’ (I guess?) considering the percentage of working men is quite high? And it seems to be ‘stereotypical’ for men to go to work while women sit at home and take care of the kids? Hmm. But, ah. People always make such a big deal about this whole gender specific role type of things :/

  • Haha I agree with you, but some people are a little bit more set in their thinking. :/ On my university’s overhead page, there was a 300 comment argument because feminists started an argument about the use of the word “bitch” lol!

    • melludee

      Oh woah … I wonder if they would have done the same if someone had said ‘bastard’ or ‘dickhead’ (or something equivalent :P)

  • Ivy

    I agreee! Sometimes these self proclaimed girls just need to take a step back, the whole world doesn’t need to hear about their sexists comments. -.-
    But omg, I LOVED Black Widow’s character in The Avengers! I thought she was soo awesome and Scarlett Johansson played the character so well… andd she was so frkn lucky to be the only girl around those guys (Captain America and Thor in particular.. drrooools!) :P

    • melludee

      Argh yeah! I’m sick of hearing that ‘Men are should all die cos women rule’ etcetc >:\ Sexist, much??

      But yayy! Black Widow was my favourite character out of all of them! Scarjo portrayed her so well ..and to think that anyone could say that she was just a ‘sexy backup fighter’ is completely ridiculous. I mean it’s obvious that she can obviously hold her own without any known super powers (amongst ‘superheroes’ like Ironman and Thor)! Blergh. Silly girls who know nothing annoy me lol! xP

  • haha…I’m no advocate for patriarchy but I can definitely understand how some feminists get a bit hypocritical. I had a lecturer who was very pro-feminist and we had a class discussion that got really heated. it became obvious to me that she wasn’t anti-inequality, but anti-men. treating the male students’ opinions as irrelevant, wrong and almost nonsensical was not only very unprofessional, but it really showed her hypocrisy and her true hatred of men.
    As for the Avengers, I didn’t feel like the role of women had been downplayed at all- I felt Scarjo had portrayed a very strong and intelligent woman.

    • melludee

      Ugh, I am lucky to not have come across any teachers/lecturers like that.
      To think that someone who educates has such as strong bias towards a certain gender just worries me in general bleh. And agree! It was obvious from the very beginning that Black Widow was a woman who could hold her own! To think that anyone could write her off as another ‘sexy female fighter’ is just frustrating in itself.

  • There is a quote that says “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” heh heh ^-^

    I agree with you though.

    I’m a full-time mom and it’s been the most exhausting “job” I’ve ever had!! You lose so much sleep when they are newborns your like a zombie, then your always watching and playing with them when they are tots, then you have to keep on top of things when they are in school… also always making sure they are fed, and clean, and happy….. it’s purely exhuasting -.- ZzZz & it’s not a 9 to 5 kinda job, it’s never ever ending…. forever! even when they are grown your happiness depends on your kids being happy and healthy. A song has the lyrics “til’ your dead, thats how long your a parent, til’ your dead.” and it’s so true.

    btw you should get a pink wig, I’m sure you’d look adorable ^^!!!

    • melludee

      Oooh, that is such a nice quote! (You’re full with awesome quotes :P)
      And ahh! That is completely true; and it’s so rude for ‘working-women’ to write off mums just because they don’t have a 9-5 paying job :/ I spoke to my mum about this whole thing, and she agrees with everything you mentioned! It’s not easy being a mum (gosh, even I know that ..and I don’t even have kids) ..and it doesn’t help when there are a bunch of other women looking down on you for your choice of pathway :/ Argh. So yes, I commend you for your awesome job as a mum :P ! Your kids are lucky to have such a caring mum as you :’D

  • Hehe I just finished the topic of gender and identity at school x)
    Well, I have a lot to say about feminism and equal rights but I totally agree with you.
    Like, why do some women expect men to open the door for them or pay for the date but then
    ask for total equality? It’s contradictory…
    I’m actually okay with the whole housewife and working man idea and in English, we’ve
    thoroughly discussed about how a lot of women are starting to become obsessed with success
    and their career. Some think that their amount of achievements prove how worthy they are.
    Which is obviously rubbish.
    But anyway, your hair is AMAZING! It’s so long yet so healthy looking *o* Pretty colour too.
    I just cut my butt-length hair on the weekend, it’s up to my chest. I don’t regret it though, it’s so soft now ^_^

    • melludee

      Oho! I hope you’re doing good at your essays then :P hehe
      And yessss! It’s like some of these women want everything to be easy for them! They want a chivalrous man, but yet at the same time ..they don’t want to be “saved” (per se) like they were a damsel in distress. But argh. It’s so hypocritical that it frustrates me to no end lol! And mmhmm! There’s nothing wrong with a working successful woman, but it completely sucks when they look down on other women who didn’t decide to be a CEO ..or a 9-5 working woman or something. And I don’t see how having that many achievements can prove how ‘worthy’ a person is! It’s completely ridiculous eesh. I could look at my mum and say she’s worthy for the fact that she put up with my annoying little whiny butt for all these years without hurling me off a cliff :P hehe !

      And AHHHH, the thought of cutting my hair scares yet intrigues me LOL!
      I want to cut it ..yet I don’t want to cut it T~T

  • I agree to what you say~ for myself, I don’t complain about any of the things you listed above. Though I guess sometimes I complain about how men’s view toward woman. ( instead of women’s view on women) For example, men probably expects women to cook, n today, women r also expected to work. Women are of course still expected to give birth. Maybe because of this whole equal thing, women r expected to treat men sometimes for meals. blah blah blah. For me I think men should appreciate women more, as it seems like we only gain more responsibilities and never less. So a little bit of a perk of being a women and being treated to a meal or get the door open by men?! I accept that! haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

    • melludee

      Haha! I gladly accept the free meal and door opening ;D
      But yes, it is a little annoying that we are expected to do so much in our life. I mean, if I decided I didn’t want to be a mother – then so be it. I should not be expected to pop out little babies for you just because my reproductive system says I can! Ahh! So much expectations on men and women in our society .. :(

  • melludee

    I’m a fat princess! :(

  • well that’s a difficult question I’ve thought about some times ago, too. If you’re saying women already have equal rights, that’s pretty wrong, but if you stand up and fight for it, everyone is going to call you pathetic.
    Even in Germany women aren’t qually paid for example. That’s pretty unfair but nonetheless I’ve never really thought about it. Maybe because I’m not working yet.
    On the other hand there are still a lot of men that really think women belongs to the kitchen and nothing else. That really makes me angry honestly. Just because I know I’M a lot more clever than some men :P

    Some changes just need time I think. And in a few years it’s gonna be equal :3

  • I totally agree with you, especially “There is nothing worthless about a woman who prefers to have a family to take care of rather than work.”. I actually feel like this is something I’d most like to do and I have a hard time saying it because it’s look down upon.

    Trying to just tune out the sexist feminists out, tbh.

  • Nothing in this world ever gets resolved when we turn around and then act the very way we despise. You’re right, we can’t become sexist towards men. We can’t because the whole “pointing fingers” thing makes the whole problem never ending. Instead we need to inform people of how men’s sexism towards woman needs to stop and how we can change things WITHOUT having to be sexist back. Problem is honestly, most women are either two things. They’re too submissive towards men or too aggressive. There’s a fine line between being respectful and demeaning yourself as a person by bashing someone else or by allowing someone to brainwash you. If some feminists want to prove something they need to do it morally correct.

    More women as heroic roles in films? I think Prometheus is a good example of a movie with a female heroic role. Snow White and the Huntsman has the perfect female hero/villain theme. You can’t just look at a film like Avengers and complain about Black Widow not being as “heroic”. Also, the fact that Black Widow was just a sexy background character? If they know about the comics then they know that ALL females and males are portrayed as very attractive, extremely fit, and having as little clothes as possible.

    I understand completely the anger that causes us, as women, to become sexist towards men. Such as for example, how women aren’t sexually liberated because it is looked down up when men are applaud for being sexually liberated. That right there gets me really angry. Also, the whole fact that I’m expected to clean and be a good “wife”. I have been sexist towards men and thats because the sexism towards women truly is frustrating. I also hate how a lot of women adopt a man’s point of view and act sexist towards their gender. Its such a complicated mess, and I just really think that there’s not enough information out there for people to learn from. Like slut shamming for example, I’m so glad stuff like that is being brought to light by websites like tumblr. Also the sexist point of view of rape is coming to light as well.

    Again, I just think that equal rights needs to be put out there more. If not, misconceptions will keep popping up. Like how feminists are just a bunch of “lesbians-who-just-want-to-become-men” misconceptions. lol

    Good topic girl!

  • rob

    One day everyone will calm down and realize that women and men are in fact different… and THAT is what is so beautiful. This also means that of course being different you can’t be “the same” and “equal” is a terrible thing to impose on both sexes!

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