Aurora Skye

As many of you girls know, I am an avid Black Milk fan!
So, when they had their Hot Little Bosses 2 release, I grabbed a few pieces ..including their re-release of the Aurora Skye Leggings! I was hesitant on getting these for awhile, thinking they might look a little ..odd on me, but I eventually sucumbed to their beautiful colours! So yes, I wore this outfit to the maid cafe a few weeks ago :)

Black Milk Aurora Skye Leggings, Vu’s Roger Davids Sweater, Coat from Target, Daiso Usamimi, Tarocash Socks, Naughty Monkey Boot Heels, Music Note Necklace from Dealextreme and Puffy Turquoise lenses

I seem to have a habit of borrowing (and never returning) a lot of my boyfriend’s clothes! I think I have like jackets, sweaters, shirts and more that all belong to him hehe. I need to get more wahaha~

Do you borrow/steal clothes from a friend/bf ?

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  • Mei

    You look cute ^__^
    ah! Another Black Milk legging!
    Very nice c:

    Borrow stuff from friend/bf?
    IF I have a bf I would toootally
    demolish his wardrobe and make
    it mine haha!


  • Omgosh! I friggin love BM leggings but I don’t have the confidence to pull them off ): That pair is gorgeous! Btw, you’re my hairspiration hehe! It’s so nice and long!

  • My jaw literally dropped when I saw the leggings, Melody! They look AMAZING!!!! (@o @;;;; Can you just be a model for Black Milk Clothing already? Seriously. I LOVE their leggings on you! <33333



    OMGGGGGGGGGGG I NEED THESE!!!!!!! I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN OF GUSTAV KLIMT I WANT THESE SO BAD OMG!!!!!! I literally SQUEALED when I saw these!!!!! T________T <3333 Do their clothes tend to run out of stock quickly?? Maybe after Fanime is over I'll have to splurge on a pair…. OMGGGGG

    It's incredibly hard for me to resist anything Klimt, until I realize whatever it is, it looks absolutely ridiculous (ugly bag I saw years ago that I HAD to have. Thank GOD I didn't buy it LOL). BUT. THESE. O.M.G. Okay, I definitely plan to lose weight and save up to buy these as a present to myself! <3

    ….Wow, I'm SO sorry for the spazz-attack LOL. BTW you look SO cuteeeee! I miss leaving giant comments on your blog, I'm sorry. :( I have next week off, so I'm hoping to can catch up! <3 Ohh my…. I can't steal my boyfriend's clothes. He gets SO mad when I do! T___T Especially jackets, ugh. He has like 30 jackets, and I have.. 2? 3? ;O

    Also your hair is getting SO long omg! You look so pretty! Awww I didn't know Daiso sells usamimi! I need to go back and find one! :DD

    Okay, I'm off to go spazz some more on Facebook and Twitter now… XD THANK YOU MELODY FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF BMC!!! O___O -glomps-

    • melludee

      And yesssss go buy them!! If it isn’t “limited”, they will restock if it sells out! But if it is limited then, it’s best you buy it ASAP!! I regret not getting so much since they’re never coming back :'( and eBay will sell them for like 1k$ for crazy crazy reasons !! :( but yeah! Also keep in mind postage sucks for international cos they only send express with tracking ! But yes, please get them !!!!! You will look amazing :D!!

      Lololol,Vu doesn’t want me to steal his clothes but I do it anyway because my clothes aren’t warm enough >:) and what kind of boyfriend would he be if I got sick from the cold wahahahah

    • melludee

      I pressed the submit reply button too early by accident :(((

  • Haha borrowing your bf’s clothes xD well, guys’ clothing are comfy so I don’t blame you haha And cool! You have some pretty nice tights!

  • Since you steal clothes from Vu, does he ever steal clothes for you? What if he steals those leggings one day? LOL. I don’t recommend him stealing and wearing them though. It would be quite odd.

    I think it was genius to math something bright with something dark so it stands out. It looks great in that outfit!

  • oh my, your hair is divine. it goes all the way down to your waist! ahhhh. nice leggings too, i’ve yet to buy myself a pair of black milk leggings cos I swear i just can’t pull them off. but you do :D

  • Those leggings are nice but oh my lord all I can stare at is your hair HAHAHA ♥


  • those leggings look amazing!
    and yes i do borrow clothes or accessories from friends :3

  • You could try her leggings. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  • Your leggings are amazing!! I wanna steal themmmmmm!!

    ♡ M.May

  • melludee

    WAHAHAHAHAHA :D ! I’ll give them back ..eventually :c

  • Love your blog! You’re so pretty :))

    Please do visit mine too! :)

  • Love your blog! You’re so pretty :))

    Please do visit mine :)

  • These leggings are sooooo super cute ♥ I don’t wear leggins on my own, but if I wore some, I maybe would chose these (^.^)

    Is this your real hair? (O_O)
    Oh my gosh, freaking jealous (*_*) it looks sooooooo beautiful I think I would never ever let a scissor near it. x))

    Don’t have a boyfriend but have to admit that I sometimes use the warderobe from my whole family :3 lol But most of the time I give it back after wearing it once. Or I take it forever ♥
    haha x)

    • melludee

      Heheh yess! They are so pretty ^-^”
      And yup, that’s my real, long and hard to manage hair D: loll! And eeee, I’m too scared to cut my hair ;A;! Only thing I’ve done is cut my fringe every once in awhile hehe :)

  • I’m just obsessed with Black Milk too! although I’ve only bought one pair….pretty good self-restraint I think lol! although your pairs always make me want to get more haha. love the usamimi headband you wore with this too!

  • rae

    interesting … i just tried commenting, i am not sure if went through so i will try again. TT0TT anyway, i was just saying that these leggings are amazing and i need them in my life. i am also looking through the BlackMilk website and it looks like this site has tons of great stuff so it is time to do some at-home window shopping! you have lovely hair as well doll, i really wish i had hair as long as yours!! also, it would be lovely if you could stop by my blog: and check it out, and if you like it leave a comment and we can follow each other via gfc or bloglovin’ xx have a lovely day love!

    xx rae

    • melludee

      Ahh! The comment went throughh but it went to my spam ! hehe
      And yesss! Definitely go buy ALL THE LEGGINGS!! (which is ..what I’ve been doing ;A; lol) And ahhh thank youu dear!! :) Just went to check out your blog and loved it! So I have followed <3 x

  • Gahh you look so cute! Love the colours & your long, long hair~ *u*

  • Loveee your style! those leggings are hot!!

  • wow your hair look super long right now ~ the crazy leggings r fun! haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  • Ruriyuki

    Omigosh you’re so cute in BM leggings xD wow, I never realized that your hair is super long, and it’s so pretty too ~

  • You got another pair right? Starry sky.. or am I thinking or someone else? You pull off leggings effortlessly! I love this outfit. and hey.. no wrong in “borrowing” a.k.a only returning when they ask, your boyfriends outfits… haha

  • Your love for Black Milk is causing my love for them to groowwwww. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I love how you style your clothes with their leggings! Ahhh, its totally expected when you and your bf dress similar to one another! I’m not surprised! Now the question is … Is Vu stealing/wearing YOUR clothes? xDDD hehehe

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