AGM: Retro Gamer Outfit

At this moment, I have three Black Milk pieces ..although after Thursday… *cough
These are Retro Gamers and although I wasn’t sure if I’d like them initially, when they arrived .. I was so over the moon!

Prescription Glasses (Ray Bans), Ah Munna Eat Chu Tee (Threadless), Retro Gamer Leggings (Black Milk), Domo-kun Jumper (Jayjays), Socks (from Gerry!), Boot Heels (Naughty Monkey)

I actually had no idea what to wear with the leggings at first; but I settled on the Domo-kun Jumper!

It felt quite fitting as I wore this to my last day as a committee member of SAMA! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I first got elected in to the position (see here); and although stressful, I can say it was an awesome time spent with some pretty cool people! But yes, it was a sad thing to let go of ..yet so relieved that I no longer have responsibility!

So yes, Congratulations to our successors! It was a fun time and hopefully you guys will do an awesome job~
Anyway, I absolutely love these leggings, although I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to style them hmm. Not really sure if I want to dress them up or dress them down since they’re already quite a ‘flashy’ piece hehe. ♥

What do you think?
How would you wear these Retro Gamers?

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