Heat Group Make Up Haul

Firstly, I promised Vu I would post this photo up when it was the Easter weekend…

Anyway, I was supposed to be blogging about my Black Milk Galaxy Leggings..
But I feel like the photos I have taken do not give them enough justice ..so, that post has been postponed!

So, for I went to a The Heat Group’s Make Up sale the other weekend. And well, I had a massively stressful exam the day before so .. I may have gone a little crazy. But yeah, mum paid for the make up as a treat on completing the exam ! 

But yes, this is what I managed to get ..for $82 (plus a free hair pack for purchasing something)
The things that were really cheap, and the most expensive item were those ‘packs’ which were about $10 or something. But the rest were no more than $5! All those Ulta3 / NYC nail polishes were $1 each so ..I just  .. kind of ..you know… when a little bit spaz with stuff. But not all of them were for me so it’s okay!

But yes, here’s just a closer look at some of the different types of products that were bought.

But yeah, some of the products are unopened testers ..so I’m thinking of putting them in to some sort of case thing so they can be opened like a palette? Er.. if you kind of understand what I mean haha. But yeah! I’ve only tried out a few of the products (blusher and eyeshadows) and I quite like them so far! I’d do a review on them ..but I don’t think my expertise in make up is good enough for me to do that haha. But yeh ^__^”! ♥

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to post about Black Milk ..but dammit, here’s some photos cos I love them too much!

They can have a billion posts dedicated to them because they are THAT awesome mwahah! But yes, the left are the Purple Galaxies and the right are the Black Galaxies! I can’t choose which I love more but either way, expect to see me wearing them a lot hehe. Need MOAR BLACK MILK. I am officially an obsessed sharkie now hehe ♥

If you had to choose one make up product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ps. Sue and I created a FB group for Melbuorne Blogger Outings ..so if you’re a Melbourne blogger, join our group :D! We’d love to meet you all in real life wahha (we aren’t psycho killers ..I promise)

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40 comments to Heat Group Make Up Haul

  • Waaah, I love everything! Specially the galaxy leggings *-* too bad they’re a bit expensive ;_;

  • If I had to use just one make up product to use for the rest of my life, I’d pick water.

    But not just any water. Oh no. That’d be too easy.

    I’d use Bioderma Créaline Micellear Water.

    It’s this super awesome water that washes away makeup without having to scrub. Plus it also acts as a toner to make your face feel smoother and look brighter.

    Cool huh?


    But kudos to you for following what you love :)

  • That’s a lot of make-up! But surprisingly all-right priced, considering the quantity, ahah. And you got free stuff too~ Do let us know if anything really stands out!
    And WOW at those leggings! I was kinda indifferent about them, but those photos make them look stunning! Going to have a look at the site now, lol.

    • melludee

      Yeah! I was expecting quite shitty make up when I heard the prices were gonna be around $1 – $5 ..but they’re all quite good imo!

  • Naww that’s sweet of your mum to treat you after your exam! I hope you did well :) So much makeup *o* That’s probably enough to last you a lifetime haha, such an awesome sale. LOVE YOUR LEGGINGS < Hard to pick lol

  • Ahh noooo just realised my reply stuffed up D: It was meant to be at the end *Hard to pick which makeup product I’d choose since I rely on so many*

  • omg your leggings are soo cool! And you’re super cute :) great blog!

  • I’d use BB cream since it’s good for your skin! But I don’t know if that’s true exactly. `-`
    Those leggings are gorgeous! ♥ The purple one looks really good on you and your glasses. I’m not sure if your glasses were purple or not, but they look purple. O:
    And congrats on finishing your exams, although I bet there’s more to come. Your mom’s really awesome for treating you to that mini shopping spree!

    • melludee

      Yeah! I’d probably use BB cream too xP!
      And haha yes, my glasses are purple! I didn’t even realise until after the photo was taken hehe. And ahhh, unfortunately for me – that was an extra (outside of Uni) exam ..which means I still have a billion University exams coming T_T”!!

  • They look so incredibly awesome! So lucky, i missed out on that makeup sale…
    Hmm if i could only live with one…um probably either liquid eyeliner or bronzer, nothing looks better than a natural glow :) $82 is actually really great for all of that! Btw i don’t think i can go Yum Cha next week, maybe another time :)

    • melludee

      Aw poo~ It’s okay! We shall meetup another time :D
      And, ooh, liquid eyeliner would be a pick for me too ..not so much bronzer cos I’m clueless on how to use that stuff P:

  • Wow so many goodies! I didn’t know about the sale but if I did I would’ve gone crazy too
    I don’t wear make-up often and I barely wear a lot of make-up when I’m going out so the only product that I’d say I use the most and could probably live with is blush/bronzer.

  • Sue

    SO MUCH MAKEUPPP! Wish I went to the sale now! Actually.. it’s probably a good thing cos I would’ve spent so much haha.
    Yay leggings!!! Yup I will definitely wear my velvet leggings on Thursday :D We should take photos of them together LOL yayyy can’t wait to meet everyone :D

  • Jennifer huang

    Anazung make up haul!! Wow everything was so cheap *A* haha i love your back milk leggings/stockings(?) It looks so super cool :D more OOTD with you wearing em plzzzzz <3

  • Omg I can’t believe I decided to skip on the heat group sale! Akasjdjaksjd /MASS REGRET! Ahh oh well, there’s always next time :(

    The leggings look unreal! So cool :)

  • OMG that is a lot of makeup! amazing haul at really cheap prices :D
    i love your galaxy leggings so cool~

  • Oh my dear god. JIIIIZZZZ :3

    But yeah, if I only had one makeup product to use, it’s gotta be my eyeliners! I look really sleepy without it so I hardly ever leave the house without eyeliner on… well makeup on my face.

    • melludee

      Yeah! I think eyeliner or bbcream would be my choice too *__* .. /wants to look flawless/

  • I love the leggings. Followed you on Twitter too, so hi :-) xx

  • Whoa that’s a lot of stuff. I’m digging the combat boots.

  • melludee

    :B hehehe !

  • i think the leggings look great! and cute photo :) im getting really stressed over exams too, i feel the crazy ^_^

  • Woah you got a lot of stuff! $82 for all of that is a really good deal though. I love cheapie polishes because I can buy so many colors without having to feel guilty about it :D

  • You got a LOT of product for $82! Lucky! I’m interested in the Max Factor essential eye kit!
    Waaaaa galaxy leggings are seriously so sexy! They are just a lil on the expensive side, but I’d love to wear them out!
    You gave me the idea to stud my denim jacket! I just need to buy some studs though lolol.

    • melludee

      And yeeahhh, Black Milk is pricey but totally worth it *__* (come to teh dark side ..we haz awesome leggings) !

  • Omg I love those leggings so much! And you really did get quite a deal, so much make-up for a great price.

    I really can’t choose just ONE thing to live with. I have so many favourites.

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