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Hello hello! How has everyone been doing?
Some time ago, I bought a Groupon Voucher for $89 (~$273.60 in value) to a Six-Course Malaysian Chinese for Four Meal at ‘Little Nyonya’ which is situated in Docklands! So last Saturday, after I finished work, I finally got to use the voucher and eat the awesome 6-course dinner with my parents and younger brother!

When we finally got there, the venue was beautiful!
My mum is actually Nyonya-Baba so she was commenting on every little thing that had some sort of resemblance in the actual restaurant and outfits haha. And she requested for the food to come all at once, rather than a course like thing – cos she thinks it’s more fun to have everything out and ready heh. It makes eating more fun and exciting lol ♥

Everything here is for four people; if there were two, it’d be half of this.
And everything shown is included in the $89; so we did not need to pay for anything extra on the night itself.

Course 1: Acar pickle salad with cucumber, carrot, cabbage, French beans, cauliflower, pineapple, crispy ground peanuts and sesame seeds (x2)

This was really nice, although mum says it doesn’t taste exactly like how she remembers it to.

Course 2: Loh Bak spiced pork strips and fragrant spices, wrapped in tofu skin with sweet chilli sauce (x2)

This was the best dish of the night, despite me not really like pork! But it was delicious mm.

Course 3: Won ton soup of fresh prawns in pastry, cooked in anchovy-infused broth (1 per person)

The soup tasted nice but I don’t eat prawns, so I just gave the won tons to my brother!

Course 4: (L) Kai Lan roast pork, stir-fried and served with fresh Chinese broccoli and (R) Tender Rendang beef with herbs and fine coconut slithers, slowly cooked in traditional rich curry

I didn’t eat the roast pork, but the rendang was so good and tender! My mum cooks this a lot so it was nice to try this at a restaurant! The only downside to it in my opinion was that it wasn’t spicy at all (which my family and I are used to)

Course 5: (L) Vegetable curry with cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli and eggplant and (R) Curry chicken in fragrant spices, lemongrass and coconut milk

This again wasn’t that spicy but was still nice. I liked the chicken curry more than the vegetable one :)

Course 6: Ice Cendol shaved ice with green flour jelly and red beans in coconut milk and special sugar syrup

We each got to choose either this or Bur bur Chacha, and we all chose the cendol. I didn’t like it much because I don’t really like coconut, but dad loved it since he hasn’t had this in like over 20 years or something!

Anyway, the food was quite nice and we’re thinking of going back to try their actual menu.
I do recommend this place if you’re looking for some yummy Malaysian food to eat ♥

818 Bourke St
Docklands, VIC 3008

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