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Hello lovely people~
It’s been the Easter break for the past week, and it’s been so good to procrastinaterelax!
Anyway, Vu and I ventured in to the CBD yesterday to meet a couple of lovely Melbourne bloggers! Out of the 7 other bloggers that came, I had already met three it was quite exciting to meet completely new bloggers! ♥

(L-R) Megu, Lis, Sue, Stephanie, May, Myself, Jess, Tam

We chose to eat at Rainbow World (which you may remember from here)
It was $22.80 per person and ..I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat my money’s worth hehe but it was still heaps fun!

It was a little hard to talk over the table so I did not really get to speak to everyone as much as I wanted to, but it was still good fun! There were funny moments here and there as Sue drank her chilli spiciness away, and everyone impatiently waiting for mango pudding! It was great to be able to laugh, take photos and joke around with other bloggers!

But yes, overall, today was pretty much an awesome day!
Although it was slightly awkward at first, I can’t wait for more and more events to be planned out so I can meet these girls again (and hopefully more) ! So thank you guys for coming and making it such a fun day! Anyway, definitely go check out each of their blogs (they might blog about the day as well!) and follow them all ! ♥

Bloggers that came: Sue, Tam, May, Stephanie, Jess, Megu and Lissy

But yes, if you’d like to join us next time, do join our Facebook Group!
Ps. I’ll be at Supanova this Sunday, so do say Hi to me if you’re going too! ^_^”

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