Random Snapshots

Um, Helloooo everyone! *_*
Uni started again this week so I’ve been a little busy to post but nevertheless, I shall aim to post at least once a week! But yeah, I haven’t done much apart from going to Uni, hanging out with Vu and eating food ..oh and, watch My Kitchen Rules waha. Which you can probably see me ranting about on my twitter from time to time lol!

Anyway since I haven’t done much, this is going to be another one of my random snapshots posts! ♥

Super duper delicious: Endless Love from LuxBite! (9th Feb)

My February Glossybox which I am not 10/10 about but still okay :) (10th Feb)

Men's Glossybox which I got for Vu P: So many full products! (10th Feb)

Ikea grilled chicken and chips with gravy *_* (15th Feb)

Irene and I being fancy at Ikea lool (with Lynn K who's taking the photo) (15th Feb)

(Stupid kissie face) Cosplay as Shiemi for O-week (2oth Feb)

(Monash Clayton's) SAMA membership cards woo! Come join the club ;) (22nd Feb)

Jess at the SAMA Welcome BBQ hehe (Surprise! I told you I'd do random post with you in it :o) (29th Feb)

Delicious Kani Korokke at J Cafe *__* / Totally worth the wait mmmm. (2nd March)

Extreme Likeee. (2nd March)

Anyway, that’s pretty much the past few weeks in a quick photo sum up!!
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and hopefully I’ll be able to post something proper soon ♥

What have you been up to?

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