My long long hair~

Hihi everyone (●´・ω・)ノ !
How has everyone been? I have been quite good; albeit a little stressed – still happy and good!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick post about my haiiiirrrr!(°´д`°)
As some of you may know, my hair is long. And when I say long; it goes my pass my waist, pass my hips ..all the way to (approx) the middle of my butt! Eep, as you can imagine this is very very difficult to live with haha! But I just can’t cut it! I feel sad to part with my long hair. Especially considering, it is in quite good condition (not the best, but good)

(Oh man, why didn’t I comb my hair before I took these photos)

┃┃¨━━━━━━ヾ(・∀・)ノ゙━━━━━━ ╋┓

But yes, living with such long hair is quite troublesome @.@”
It gets caught in everything! On bag straps, MY STOCKINGS, necklaces, when I SIT ON IT asofihasf lol. As you can see, I’m always having to look out for my hair, but it’s actually not that bad ..well, not until it tangles in to a mess when you’re trying to sleep. But yeah, maintaining isn’t that bad – I just end up having to use a lot of conditioner ..and (home) dying my hair has become difficult because it’s not enough any more :( !

But yeah, I realised that I don’t really do much with my hair cos I’m lazy!
But mm, I’ve figured that my hair seems to look best curled I should attempt that more often haha.

How long is your hair?
Should I cut my hair?!? Or should I leave it?

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55 comments to My long long hair~

  • I used to have hair that long too! If not a tad longer! And then I got a “trim” (in hairdresser’s terms, lol) … I miss the length, even though my current hair is still long. Ahah.
    I remember getting caught in stuff too! Guess that’s a downside to having fabulously long locks, haha! If it bothers you too much, maybe take off a couple of centimetres?~

    • melludee

      Oh gosh ..hairdressers don’t understand “trim” at all ;_; !!
      Mm, I am thinking of taking a few cm off ..but mybe ..laterrrr /hugs my hair/


    You should definitely cut it its hazardous to you and vu :o!

  • Omg you hair’s so long and pretty!! I wish I could see your hair in real life!

    I’m voting for you to keep your hair since not everyone can have healthy fabulously long hair!

    My friend had her long her (slightly above waist) chopped off to a bob! I was there with her and the stylist kept saying ‘You sure? Really? Such a waste!’ over and over again and my heart sank when I saw the scissors cut tru her beautiful hair.

    I’m not sure why I told you that story, but I hope you enjoyed it. =P

    ♡ M.May

    • melludee

      LETS MEET UP AND YOU CAN TOUCH MY HAIR. (Not sure why I’m being creepy)
      And eeee, it would definitely be such a waste ;A: ! Oh, one of my friend’s hair used to be …past her butt (I think) and then she just cut it all the way in to shoulder length one day ! She ..kept the hair in a bag somewhere LOL :P (There’s my random story :D)

  • Omg… reading this made me miss my hair before I cut it :'( Maybe just cut off a few cm do you don’t sit on it anymore you cutie ahahah ♥

  • Mei

    Wow your hair is so long!
    I had my hair like that
    once! I don’t think I will
    grow back that long again,
    I think a long bobline
    suits you well c:

    Ah yes, I lose so much
    hair everyday >_< I wake
    up and there's hair
    everywhere on my bed!!


  • I didn’t know your hair was THAT long :O I want miine to be that long too :3 Right now, mine is just at my navel haha
    But I could imagine how troublesome hair up to your bum could be x) But it’s pretty ^^
    And yes! Curl itt!!

  • Don’t cut it! People don’t usually have hair as long as yours so your hair is special ^-^! I want my hair as long as yours and even longer eventually… maybe, depending on how annoying washing it gets. Mine is reaching the bottom of my back now. I had hair this length(bottom of my back) 3.5 years ago and I chopped it off to my chin… shorter doesn’t suit me as well as long hair. I do get bored with my hair and really want to change the color but I keep thinking about how much damage that would cause and make it more likely to break or look bad.

    My response is so long -.- lol.

    • melludee

      Nuu, I love your long responseee!!
      And ahhhhhh, washing does take a while but it’s not that bad! I just condition heavily on my hair tips! And yes! I definitely need to change my hair colour sometime soon! I need a little more POP~! Heh :P Woahh, cutting your hair to our CHIN is super duper drastic and I doubt I could ever do that ;A; !!

  • & my daughter is 4 and her hair is resting on her bum, people always notice it and compliment it. People love long hair :)

  • I think you should cut it a little teeny bit.
    It looks fabulous long though ;__;
    I love your long hair but since it can be hard when you sit on it and such, I think you should just cut it to about like just before your butt. Haha! Cut enough just so that it’s comfortable and not that much of a hassle.
    And even if you cut most of it off, it will be quite a lot at the salon won’t it? D:

    • melludee

      Yeahh! I’ve had one drastic cut from long to short once before and it cost ..around $50 or something eep. Maybe I’ll just cut it myself one day LOL ….oh not, I think I’ll end up looking like a freak if I do that ;A;! hehe. But yeahhh~ I doubt I’ll be cutting my hair anytime soon :D

  • OMG! Your hair is getting quite long! I remember when mine was down to my knees and I couldn’t do anything to it without spending at least an hour on it. Anyway, my hair is pretty long too and I’m debating about getting a “trim” as well. I think adding layers will help make styling easier. I also want to invest in hair rollers that I can sleep in so that mornings will be easier and faster. Good luck!

    <33 Rena

    • melludee

      I don’t think I could let it get that long ! I’m such a shortie so I’ll look like such a strange little girl with hair sweeping around her all the time hehe. And yes! I want to invest in good hair rollers too *___*

  • I also have hair that long and I understand how troublesome it gets when it’s not tied up. I’ve gotten my hair caught on a stranger’s bag and had to make awkward slow conversations with him with I disentangled my hair from his bag. That was pretty embarrassing.
    And I’ve accidentally burnt my hair on birthday candles because … well it just gets in the way!!
    It’s definitely up to you and you alone on whether you want to cut your hair or not because it’s your hair and it’s going to change how you look.
    I’ve been thinking about cutting mine for so long that when if I do cut it shoulder length, I’m going to love it and embrace it. I think if you can’t imagine yourself loving your short hair right after you chop it, then you’re not completely ready to part with your hair.

    • melludee

      Omg..burnt your hair on candles ;A; !!
      I am DEFINITELY going to be careful at birthday parties now hehe. And you’re completely right! I’m nearly definitely sure I’ll regret it if I cut it now yayyy for long hair!

  • Your hair is so pretty. o: I wish mine were that long again. I used to have hair like that, but because I swam, I had to put it in a swim cap, which couldn’t fit all my hair. >:( LOL!

    • melludee

      AHA! I haven’t worn a swimming cap in so long ..omg, I doubt it’d fit! Or might since I do manage to somehow put it under a wig cap!

  • You should leave your hair alone. I think it’s really pretty like that. I have a friend who has hair a little longer than yours, and everyone is always complimenting her about it, so yeah it’s a pretty big deal.

    As for my hair, it’s black and wavy/curly-ish and extends to the middle of my back. It’s also very thick and coarse so getting it all smooth and soft is something I’ve never been able to completely accomplish.

    • melludee

      Aw thank you! :)
      Oooh, your hair sounds gorgeous though! I wish my hair was wavy/curly-ish’s just boring and straight @@” !

  • after reading this I really want my long hair back haha, now my hair is a bit past my shoulders .w.
    I think you should trim your hair just slightly :)

  • I usually prefer hair that’s just barely touches the bum, but cutting your hair should be your choice, 100%. :). I’ve cut off 20 inches of hair before to donate to locks of love. It was a drastic cut, but it felt great. The good thing is that hair usually always grow back with time & effort, hehe.

    I have long hair too. I just cut off 5 inches last month. My hair quite easy to maintain but doing some hairdo can take awhile, haha. At times I want short hair, but I love having long hair.

    • melludee

      Oooh, yeah. My hair is quite layered so even though it’s near the bum, it’s not …like a lot?
      But yeah! Curling and doing hairstyles for my hair can take soo long which is why I so can’t be bothered most times xD

  • I wish my hair was that long! But curly hair takes twice as long (because for every 10cm it grows, it shrinks 5cm curling up again). Anyhow, if you like it long, and it’s healthy, I don’t see why you should cut it! Long hair is beautiful and feminine :) And it seems Vu likes it long î, so LEAVE THE HAIR! ^^

  • Sue

    Such pretty and long hair! I have a hair post in my drafts as well but I’m still not sure whether I should post it haha.
    If it gets to the point where sitting on your hair etc irritates you, then maybe cut a little bit off? Like 10-15 cm or to the point where it won’t annoy you so much? But don’t cut it all off! I had pretty long hair at the end of 2012 until I was like, it’s summer soon so I better cut my hair! T______T Regret so bad. I always do that, cut it at the end of the year and grow it out throughout the next year. BUT I’m not going that short again, just gonna get it trimmed now and then. I think your hair would look fantastic curled! But yeah I can see why it would get bothersome haha since it is so long!

    • melludee

      POST IT. (peeer presssureeeee)
      I always think of cutting it but I’m wayyy too chicken to try it out lol! I think I’ve only ever had a drastic change from long to short ..once? And I felt so naked at that time ;A; But yehh, keep yours longgg (we should totes have a competition on how long our hair can get loool ..jokes xD)

  • My hair’s slowly getting as long as yours XD i think mine’s above my butt atm, tho i need a trim (SPLIT ENDS T.T) also, you should check out xiaxue’s post on her long hair.. made a funny but valid point about long hair.. and sitting on a toilet XD keep it! it looks so nice all long & such C:3

  • Your long hair looks beautiful!
    I also wanted long hair, but I cut it again o.0 I don’t
    know why I always do that :P

  • dont cut it!!! my hair is either the same length as yours or a tiny bit shorter!

  • OMG WOW. SO LONG. I wish my hair could grow THAT long ):

    Maybe just trim it a little cause I was so shocked when you said that sometimes you SAT on your hair! LOLOLOL :3

    Ngaws you two are just so adorable! Like … pretty cupcakes or something

    • melludee

      WHAT THE HELL. I didn’t know you had a new blog :(
      Also .. SITTING ON LE HAIR HURTS but luckily doesn’t happen too often xD

  • i think your hair looks great, i used to find it hard when my hair was arond my chest area, i got it trapped in a fridge and car door :/

  • My hair is pretty long, though not as long as yours. I couldn’t cut it now but if it ever reached to your length, I probably would. Just because it’s such a hassle. If it’s bothering you, why not cut just a bit off, like maybe to above your butt (lol) or at hips/belly button. It’d still be long but less than your current.

  • omg leave it! your hair is AMAAZING, you make me want to grow out my hair more, but i agree with the whole gets in the way thing. my biggest problem is the sleeping thing, i find myself swishing my head around constantly so it doesnt get pulled but i recommend you just tye it in a bun or plaits its very good for the hair :) long hair is very easy to look after and its like an nice accessory that is always there unless you shave it off or something…
    but yeah i never do anything to my hair either :)

    • melludee

      OH YES! Sleeping can be hard a lot of the times! I usually just pull it to the side or put it behind me .. but yeah, if it gets too annoying I put them in two plaits! :P

  • Omgg i’ve so jelly of your long hair! Don’t cut it!! <3

  • melludee


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