3 Colours, 3 Personalities

So, I received three different synthetic x2 extensions from KkCenterHK not too long ago!
I decided to pick pink, blonde and purple just because I really like these colours! And since I was going to do a review on them, I thought I may as well make it a little more interesting hehe! The three “Melodys” you see below are what each colour would represent as a personality. The pink is the social network “hipster”, blonde is the beach lover and the purple is a shy gothic girl. (Yeah, I don’t know .. I made these up so randomly based on clothes around my room)

Blondey is annoyed that Pinku is too busy with her iPhone and Purply is silent ..as always.

Anyway, about the actual hair extensions. They are obviously synthetic and hence noticeably “fake” when clipped in to your hair, as it does have a bit of a shine and unnatural colour tone. I was a little disappointed when they did arrive in the mail though, because as you can see the image provided here, they didn’t look as neon as they turned out to be. Although the blonde one is the most natural looking – so if I was to recommend one, I’d say the blondes/browns.

(LG26 - Blonde) (NE5 - Purple) (NE10 - Pink)

Another thing that made me a little disappointed was that they were a little bent from the packaging (nothing that couldn’t be dealt with though) although because it’s synthetic, you can’t use any hot irons on it! But other than those two mishaps, I’m quite pleased with the ease of the clip ons and the length (I chose 20” since my hair is pretty damn long)

You can get these ones HERE
But for other styles and lengths, go buy them HERE

Also, if you’re thinking of buying from KkCenterHK, you can use the coupon code “BLGA55ME10” to receive 10% off your purchase! So, hopefully that comes in handy if you need to get anything from there ^_^”!

What personalities would you associate with these colours?

[Sponsored by KkCenterHK]

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